Journal of A Madman


I’m closing this chapter of the Madman’s journal. I’ll still miss her. Hell, I always will. But the grief made me realize how much I loved her and how much we love our friends. I ask you all to not take any second for granted and especially don’t take those you love for granted. You never know when they will cross into the other side. I will walk in her honor and I will make her proud. She was an amazing one of a kind person, and I wish there were words to describe the sweet, hilarious, goofy, sassy, person she was. She accepted me and loved me despite the rumors that floated around that I was a “witch” or a “devil worshipper”. She was a beautiful person and I know now that she is at peace in her own piece of heaven akin to “What Dreams May Come”. The spirits that I work with and the friends on talk to (on and off the forum) have showed me what true selflessness is and what true compassion is. Sköl!



Why won’t you just come back? I know you weren’t happy with him. But I also know that I made mistakes, and chased you away. But I’ve grown up. You’ve slipped through my fingers three times now. Every time you’re back in my life, the sky seems more blue and the grass much greener. I know deep down that you feel the same. Come back to me. I miss you like hell.







PT 1



Hahaha wtf, I writed a similar text in french last year I feel like I’m reading my translation in english! Love it.


That’s amazing! Great minds think alike :wink:




It’s so beautiful but protect yourself! :muscle:
Don’t want you to be hurted again!


I might be taking a break from the forum. I think my heart might have lied.


What ? :o


Lately I’ve been seeing everything as a lesson that I can learn from and as a blessing in that. There’s an old Taoist parable that Alan Watts shared in one of his lectures that spoke to me in that way.


It’s time to teach a crooked young lady a lesson with the aid of some spirits. She won’t be destroyed. She won’t be physically harmed. But she won’t know love, she will know only sadness. Maybe then she will understand that you cannot treat good men with cruelty. Some of us have friends in high (and low) places.