Journal of A Madman


Yeah. I’m getting a lot of strobing in my third eye region during meditation and I’m starting to get short clairvoyant images of the candle flame popping in during my meditation.

As I clear away the energy blockages and release those old hurts, I’m feeling my entire body vibrating throughout the day. I’m eating very little other than fruits, veggies, and a little meat … and I’ve got a lot more energy throughout the day. I need less sleep to feel rested.

And my aura is definitely getting stronger. Last night, I actually felt a loud sound pass through my body, out my spine, and I could feel it hit the first layer of my aura about two feet behind my body. That was the first time I’ve ever felt anything like that. It was pretty odd. lol

I realize now that I’ve spent the last year laying the groundwork to raise my kundalini. And I know that this will lead me to developing my clairvoyance, clairaudience, and allow me to explore the more intense forms of soul travel.

Really looking forward to this next round of my evolution. :smiley:

I’m glad you’re working through this, @FraterMagni. Hang in there.


Thanks @valkarath . Do you know of any good resources on kundalini info?


My own spiritual guides would have preferred that I worked through Robert Bruce’s “Mastering Kundalini” program. They told me it was the best information out there.

Unfortunately, I just didn’t have the funds for it right now, so they guided me to a book called “Kundalini and the Chakras” by Genevieve Paulson.

I’m not crazy about the tone of the book, but the info is solid and it’s got the exercises I need.


Here is the most comprehensive book on the western approach to Kundalini.

The Serpent Power: The Secrets of Tantric and Shaktic Yoga

Book by Sir John Woodroffe


The Serpent Power: The Secrets of Tantric and Shaktic Yoga

Book by Sir John Woodroffe

You can easily find a pdf online its over 60 years old but a diamond.


I’ll check it out. Thanks, man.


You’re welcome, try this mantra, and really vibrate every syllable like one would enochian. Ra ma da sa Sa Say so,hung on the second one, do it along to this vid, if you go exactly along to the vid, breath for breathing singing and vibrating, its like breath of fire, you will be on such a blissful state of consciousness and your mind will be still and silent.

Without realising you will have charmed the cobra out of its coil in your base chakra, muldahara.


I’ll check it out soon. Thanks, man.

I use the breath of fire when I need a bunch of energy quickly. You might also like the Nine Breath Method from Supreme Science Qigiong.

I think it’s a type of tumo breathing and he calls it “the Warrior’s Breath”. It’s another great way to gather a lot of energy quickly.

Nine Breath Method Video


You know the way because subconsciously your body/mind knows it can breath when that starvation of oxygen triggers panic and you gasp while trying breath of fire, well for me it does, I’m going to go back swimming and doing laps of the pool underwater but instead of taking a breath I will exhale all air and train the white blood cells to survive with less oxygen, be more efficient, if I remember correctly from biology we waste and barely process the majority of oxygen we take in and expel most, that’s what this exercise is doing , training the body to be more efficient, same with food stuffs but another time, if one breaths out all air and then dives , one will be totally conscious of not freaking and taking in water , drowning one self, just thought of that, I’m positive it would aid breath of fire training, excelling it exponentially.

By the end of 45 mins of Ra ma da sa mantra , your lungs are being trained in breath of fire because one is light headed but not dangerously, its gradually pushing the lung to be more efficient, plus the other benefits of mediating, a multitask meditation, Kundalini charming, mindfulness, breath of fire, throat chakra cleansing from vibrating and singing, brain wave levelling so much more, its a gem.


Saturday April 6th- I feel completely vindicated. Like I’m a king and the world around me is my kingdom. I’ve been seeing a new gal lately and just enjoying time with her. I’ve also been working hard at magick. Very hard. I got promoted yesterday and all of my enemies at work scowled in jealousy. It was great. I could hear both Odin and Lucifer whisper in my mind. “You are vindicated.” It felt amazing. Like I had come out on top. Right now I feel amazing. It’s moments like these that make all of the depression and heartache feel like a distant dream.


Yessss conquer! May the light of Lucifer burn them and your obstacles to glass and ash



I love ravens they talk me regularly, give me sign’s, one showed up on my window as I was about to fall asleep and Baron Samde popped into my mind and i spoke his name. My family name comes from the Gaelic for raven too. The morning I was under demonic attack last week they were going crazy out side my window.


Thursday May 18th- I’ve been path working the Lovecraftian current and things have been a bit crazy. After watching EA’s video today I burnt all of my old sigils and thanked the spirits. I feel much better. After I’m done with my path working I’ll give myself a thorough cleansing. Last night was a bit strange as well as Odin possessed me when I was drunk and prevented me from being stupid. I still need to thank him for that. I’ve been preparing notes for my first YouTube video and I’ll have the link to it in my bio when it’s up (if I ever stop dragging ass on it). That’s basically it. Busy, busy, busy.


Thursday May 25th- I’ve been in a mini slump lately but luckily magick has been there to help me change things. I’ve been discussing my issues with several spiritual allies (Shout out to Hastur, Odin, Shub-Niggurath and Cthulhu) and they’ve begun to give me things to work on. It’s been a time of self discovery and evolution and I’ve been focusing on shamanic journeys and soul travel as well as several large rites that will improve both my life and the world at large. It feels like the ball is rolling.


Saturday June 10th- Things have slowed down quite a bit. I spent most of the latter days and beginning of June in a bender (I’m not an alcoholic I just get in depressive states and self medicate). I stopped drinking and won’t drink again unless I’m in a happy environment and happy state of mind. Most of that came from a situation with a girl. I still love her but I’ve moved on unless I see some reciprocation. Currently scouting for new interests but I’m healing more than anything. I’ve been path working the soul travel course and that’s been like a shot of adrenaline. It’s brought a sense of power back into my life as well as a sense of joy and wellness. Can’t really thank EA or myself enough for buying it. Still waiting for my copy of BMOA to arrive. There is definetly a reason that they call it snail mail.


July 4th- So a lot has happened but the shitty thing is that I can’t tell you all very much about it. I’ll share what I can. I’ve noticed some undeniable synchronicities involving Inanna and I’ve begun work with her and so far the synchronicities have continued. I met a girl (who as popular YouTube life coach Corey Wayne says) knocks my socks off. She’s a clear 10/10 in looks and she’s really into magick. Unfortunately though she has been going to Florida to attend several seminars since our first date. Luckily this has given me time to go on a sort of journey so to speak. I’ve been working on my people skills and on my happiness and self worth (shout out to Melek Taus, Odhinn, Hel, and Nidhogg among others). I’ve seen a definite improvement and I have a stack of books to complete before she returns. I’ve also been seeing synchronicity after synchronicity which has led me to finding new spiritual allies namely Melek Taus and Inanna. They just showed up so to speak. The soul travel course has changed so much for me and I only have one more section to complete before I am finished with my pathworking of it. I’ve read BMOA front to cover and sadly, it’s just not for me. I really like a lot of the fresh ideas but something doesn’t “click” for me. I’ve decided to purchase “Spider and The Green Butterfly” after Baron Samedi came a’knockin. I’ve also modeled for my friends photography business and I’ve been fucking around with video editing so hopefully I’ll be able to start the occult YouTube channel I’ve always dreamed of.


Sunday April 9th- I’ve opened the door and the spiders have crawled in and I think I like them! I did my first ritual with Papa Legba yesterday. The book hasn’t even arrived and I could no longer resist the call of the Loa. Immediately after a series of strange events happened that pointed to the Loa accepting me. Last night Papa Legba showed up again and just filled my heart with happiness and kindness and he’s just so kind and positive! I called Baron Samedi today to introduce myself and for some advice. He’s a hoot! The strangest thing so far is the gris gris bag that I consecrated myself, with rain water, and with the help of Papa Legba. It’s literally buzzing with power. Just touching it makes my hands tingle. The Loa (so far) are the most intense spirits I’ve worked with. They’ve been nothing but kind. The intensity is in how truly close they are to the physical plane. It’s going to be a challenge to get used to but I feel like I should’ve called them a long time ago. Now if only the postal service would deliver that damned book!


Wait till you start using gris gris bags for all sorts of stuff! :slight_smile:

I’m glad you feel that way! Have fun with it, we’ll be serious too but don’t forget to genuinely enjoy all your crazy weird experiences :slight_smile:


I’m definetly enjoying it. I’ve been meeting new loa everyday. It just feels so undeniable and physical.