Journal of a crazy Redhead-My 9 gatekeepers saga

I’ve decided I’m going to dedicate this year to working with the 9 gatekeepers.

Last year I did the blood moon ritual and really opened myself up to Azazel’s current. My life has done a major turning point since then.
Anyways, after a diagnosis of a brain tumor, radiation, loss of a boyfriend, another long lost love coming back into my life and lots of other stuff tr hat I never could have imagined, I kinda got caught up in my eork.
I put my magic aside and this past weekend i found a sigil of Shemyaza, the one that J.S. Garret had recieved.
I forgot I ever had it tucked away inside of a small notebook of mine. I unfolded the paper and the energy from it still being opened and emanating from it was phenomenal.
I feel that the events are pushing me to walk this path, last year I wasn’t ready. Now, I’ve set aside my fears and am wanting to jump headfirst into this.

This will be my experiences with each of the 9, including my preliminary actions towards that end.
My plans are already in the works, but in a nutshell, commencing april 1, I will work with Belial for a month and on down the line of the 9 until dec 31st.

Shemyaza, and the master key sigil I opened again yesterday and am currently in the process of working through Him for the next 60 days to setup everything I need in order to proceed without glitches.
My goal is to update this journal about once a week with my experiences and actions, thoughts and feelings as I traverse this brave new world.