Journal, my Lilith evocations ft Babalon the Scarlet Woman

I am in a period of “magical relaxation”, where I already gave a lot of blood to my entities, a lot of energy. My telemic teacher recommended that I should only do Banishment and Middle Pillar, so I have been doing that since the mass dedicated to Babalon.
Today I did my rituals, and added a mantra to Lilith, however I did not think that she was going to come to my call, since it was intended to thank her.
The sensations I had were cold, especially in my arms, heaviness in my body, in my eyes. My heart also quickened. She feels like an icy breeze in the air, but at the same time she doesn’t make you feel cold. When I knelt in front of her altar to venerate her presence, I realized that I was all sweaty, but it was a cold sweat.
We had a little talk through my pendulum, in which I asked her to clarify some questions and I thanked her for coming.
She’s such a great master. I have intense waves of joy.