Journal - Lucifer Led me to Lilith

This was really a overwhelming experience for me, I feel lucky and grateful for what Lucifer has done for me. I will write down Tonight’s experience here and continue writing here with further experiences instead of making new thread for each one so that I can share these beautiful precious experiences with my beautiful BALG family, To all the great Gods and Goddesses here I ask for your blessings especially @C.Kendall @Lady_Eva @DarkestKnight @Manosman And To all those great gods And goddesses I forgot to mention please give me your blessings on my spiritual Ascension.
I will be writing my experiences here also because I have Dysgraphia and my hand hurts whenever I write with pen or paper for long, another reason is I’d be able to gain more guidance from More experienced people here. :sparkles:

  • Preparation of tonight’s evocation

• I prepared with a ritual bath with salt, moonwater, incense and candles.
• put on my best clothes
• An Apple for offering which Lucifer asked me to bring before the evocation
• I placed the Lucifer sigil at south and burned the white candle And incense I usually associate the White color with Lucifer
• I charged the sigil and kept reciting his Enn until I gained an altered state of mind.

  • Evocation of Lucifer

Me - I welcome you, oh mighty lucifer in my temple. I am honored by your presence. I request you to please protect me physically and spiritually.

• Lucifer - How are you?

Me - I am fine as you are the one protecting me.

• Lucifer - (Laughing)

Me - I have called you to just spend some time with you and to gain your Guidance and wisdom.

• Lucifer - Alright. First of all I will tell you about those thoughts you were wondering about some days ago, you were thinking “How can powerless weak human can call powerful demons in their presence?”
I provide you with an answer, you do not call us in your presence instead you are calling yourself into our presence. You do not call kings unto your presence but you yourself go into their presence.

Also I see you being boastful because you have an ability to talk to me. Behave! Because it is because of me you are able to talk to the unseen world, be grateful and humble.
Consider this as a gift from me

What is your wish?

Me - I have some materialistic and some spiritual wishes.

• Lucifer - what is your spiritual wish

Me - spiritual ascension to have power in my magick.

• Lucifer - I will grant your wish but don’t be boastful
Are you ready for what it takes to rise spiritually?

Me - I do, but please don’t burden me with more than I can handle.

• Lucifer - Dont worry, I’d never do something you can’t carry. After all it is worth it.
I give you permission to summon Lilith tomorrow, work with her for your ascension. But I will be the one looking on this whole operation.

Me - Thankyou very much oh mighty Lucifer.

• Lucifer - you are a good kid, I like you.

Me - i bought an apple as you asked earlier

• Lucifer - Good, where is that drink @Empress_Arianna Recommended you.

Me - I thought you asked for an apple that’s why I thought to only bring an apple.

• Lucifer - (Laughing) no worries, bring me later on whenever you find it suitable. You should eat apples it is good for your health.

Me - I present this Apple as a offering for you.

• Lucifer - Eat it and present me that experience.

  • I ate the apple and I just ate it half when Lucifer said “now Enough, go and bury what is left”

Me - I Thankyou mighty Lucifer for your presence.

  • He then disappeared. My vision ended.


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Thanks for sharing!


I absolutely loved this evocation of yours. This has got me really amped as I am preparing for my first evocation of Lucifer. Thank you for sharing your experience.


Thanks for sharing!


Thankyou so much and I wish you best of luck for your evocation! :sparkles:


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  • when i went to my bed at around 5 am an image of Lilith came to my mind but it was a little blur, her hairs were blonde and she said to me welcome to my domain oh child,i can see your scars
    and when she said that i felt really cold on my left upper arm and shoulder area
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Evocation of mother Lilith

Me - I welcome you in my temple mother Lilith, please ignore and forgive my mistakes during this evocation.

Mother Lilith - I know my child I know.

Me - Mother Lilith I am here for your guidance.

Mother Lilith - Now listen carefully, and write whatever I say.

Me - Okay, mother.

Mother Lilith - I have seen you grow old,I have seen you as a baby. Oh how adorable you were when you came into this physical world, I have adored you since then and still adore you now. You were already chosen for this path, you were destined to be here, you are supposed to be closer to your father Lucifer and I your mother Lilith. I sense a fear in you know that this path is for enlightenment and we are your well wishers and family, tear this fear apart because there is no harm for you, only joy and happiness. I Lilith is there to protect you so as your Father Lucifer

Me - Mother Lilith, Thankyou for all of this, I find peace in your presence. I present you these beautiful flowers as an offering please accept them.

Mother Lilith - I do my child now listen to me pay no heed to all those random thoughts that creep into your mind, they are of no value

Me - Please mother Lilith help me overcome these random thoughts which are of no value and they only give me uneasiness, I Thankyou for your aid and request you that you protect me and may this protection come with no harm.

Mother Lilith - Dont worry my child, no one can harm you. There are legions standing beside you

Me - Mother Lilith I thankyou.

Mother Lilith - Now listen my child, for your spiritual Ascension we will work on it slowly, so to not burden you with too much work an ideal working with me for now would be to work once every week for seven weeks

Me - Okay mother, again I thankyou. What offerings do you like the most?

Mother Lilith - I really don’t ask for offerings my child, just your love and time is enough

Me - But still you are so nice, I will try and provide offerings for you whenever I can from time to time.

Mother Lilith - As you wish, sweetheart. Now it is enough for today, see you next week, my sweet child

Me - Thankyou so much mother Lilith for your time I am honored, should I bury the flowers?

Mother Lilith - Do whatever you please,burying is a good option

Me - Thankyou mother, now you may depart in peace, Love you.

Mother Lilith - Love you too child

She kissed on my cheeks and left


I got chills reading this.

My first encounter with our Dark Mother was a little more frightening but I had some stuff that I needed to get rid of. Unhealthy attitudes about sex and myself as a sexual being. I was still wearing my Christian mask in a lot of ways and there was nothing for it but to tear it off and to show me that the “horrible dark evil abomination” that I had been keeping locked up in the basement of my mind was me… the real me… their child, born and re-born countless times to be this, to be the way they meant me to be, without fear or shame. And, it turns out, in the light of say, it wasn’t so evil after all.

I look forward to reading more.


Thankyou so much. I hope you find my journal of some use. :slight_smile: :sparkles:

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I can see some great stuff here, will defo keep checking out for new entries. I loved the Lucifer part, congratulations on getting to know and working with Lilith, seems like you have been watched by her for a long time! Sounds really promising, keep us updated on how things are going for you and like always, best of luck and lots of blessings for you !


Thankyou so much for this.! :sparkles:


Mother Lilith appeared in this form to me


Was just surfing on google exploring more about mother Lilith when astonishingly saw this picture, she came to me in this form, so beautiful. :sparkles::heart:


Recited the enn while gazing at the sigil until the sigil flashed and I could feel a strong presence of mother Lilith

Mother Lilith - I am here my child

Me - I welcome you in my temple, Mother Lilith.

Mother Lilith - I am pleased, how are you?

Me - I am fine mother Lilith by your blessings.

Mother Lilith - I see my child. You are blessed to be in my presence. Now, I shall begin to tell you about what is in store for you for your spiritual Ascension, Are you ready child?

Me - Thankyou Mother Lilith. I am ready.

Mother Lilith - Now listen carefully sweet child, and know that merely sitting next to your mother Lilith people reach towards highest stations, which is their birthright. I am glad that you too are working on your Ascension which is your birthright. Now, first thing I want you to know is to conquer your fears, that is very easy to hear but very hard to do. I can see that fear becoming a barrier between you and your spiritual Ascension

Me - Thankyou Mother Lilith for your advice. What shall I do to conquer my fear?

Mother Lilith - Absolutely nothing! That’s the key to conquer your fear. You just need to stop overthinking, which you always do. (Laughing). Why do you think so much? I know the answer but I wanna hear from you

Me - Mother, you are so sweet. I don’t know why I overthink. I just do.

Mother Lilith - There! You’re lying to yourself! It is you and your mind becoming a barrier between your spiritual Ascension through overthinking, which causes fear. You do not need to fear, for we are protecting you. I know this fear of yours is related to spirituality not physicality.

Me - I feel confident now. Thankyou Mother! I love you. I present this tiny flower as an offering for you. Please accept it.

Mother Lilith - I Accept my dear.

Me - I apologize for anything I have done wrong in your presence.

Mother Lilith - Absolutely not, you haven’t done anything wrong. See again you are overthinking

Me - Did you and Lucifer Led me to the Temple of Ascending flames?

Mother Lilith - Yes, we did.

Me - why, Mother Lilith?

Mother Lilith - it will help conquering your fears. You remember you used to hesitate with the idea of giving your blood as an offering.? Look at you now being very comfortable with it! It is your workings on your spiritual Ascension. That’s the reason. we are helping you to conquer your fears one by one so that you become a Dragon!

Me - Thankyou, Mother Lilith.

Mother Lilith - It is my pleasure, my child

Me - Bless me Mother. I want to spend more time with you.

Mother Lilith - I bless you, I feel you getting aroused, it’s okay. That’s my way of blessing

Me - I love being in your presence mother Lilith.

Mother Lilith - So do I, child. You have a long journey ahead and I don’t want to tire you just in the beginning of your journey, this is it for this week, I will be looking forward for our next meeting

Me - Mother, I do not get tired with your presence at all. Instead I feel at peace in your presence.

Mother Lilith - Dont worry, there’ll come a time when we will meet everyday and every minute, I will become a part of your daily life.

Me - I’ll be looking forward to that day. I love you mother, bless me and hug me please.
(I could sense the rush of excitement and a tingling sensation as she hugged me and disappeared)


I, saw, such a, lady, in, one, of my, visions and tried, to, make, out, with her😂


I hump her leg and try to control myself once I or her to bite me neck in my mind’s eye was intensly pleasurable, an image of Lilith is the most beautiful image of a women I basically ever seen her smile was to die for she was only around 20 years old in the image she was just so so so beautiful and cute at the same time sex appeal galore like normally you don’t see sexy and cute at the same time but she did it the vision was given to me while I was writing a poem to her, it’s on a page I made called let’s earn favor from Lucifer and Lilith with poetry or sonthin close to that. It’s a wonderful offering to them.

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