Journal entry one

After decisively taken a step further on my path.
Clarity is becoming more and more a priority.
The need to fill human minds with the truth is overwhelming.

When I first came onto this forum a good amount of years ago, the person’s in here had definitely a better understanding of what magic is and the magic systems ( which appear to be more and more by the day ). Today I look in here and many other places and I feel despair, for it is almost as if it was all lost. The media, the mainstream of information has lead magic into a very gray area. Where belief is no longer important in a whole, but only individually. Everyone believes in what they want and that will become the magic in their micro cosmos. Creating a severe unbalance.
It is shattering to see it all fall apart like this.
No longer connected to nature and few other things that easily lead humans onto magic.
We are living now in the age of misinformation.
When I first came here magic was actually growing everywhere and people were actually studying it and practicing it.
Today I spoke with two kids on a specific discord server and they were arguing about books.
I stood there reading, only to soon realise that those kids, even if they read 10.000 books, they will never get it.
How easy is nowadays to get a copy of the keys of Solomon? Or the “red dragon”? Takes a couple of seconds. What next? The black pullet? Saint ciprian?
Skipping pages because we don’t like a specific spell that involves cat brains or because it’s not my type of magic. It’s too dark, it’s too white, too left hand or right.
I want to work with this angel! Oh I worked with that archangel yesterday! What? No I was just speaking with Satan and he’s a great buddy, we had some glasses of water and it was so cool.
Would you ever believe that this is what magic is nowadays? Completely ravaged, destroyed. Entire belief systems that existed for millenia, disappeared in seconds. Well let me shatter some of that.

When your body flies in the air, when you can make someone undress in front of you against their will, when someone kills themselves in front of you against their will.
Or simply when your top model neighbour falls in love with you little chubby boy, then you are experiencing real magic. Otherwise you all need to wake up.
It makes me sad.
Having a goal to reach truth to mankind and see it so far fetched.
I will not give up.
I may not be the most experienced magician in the world.
But the Gods I believe in, which I devote my life to are very real and they will help me. Just because you’re mommy killed your daddy or because you were born in the ghetto or just because your rich parents have sex with the neighbours whilst you steal their toys… It doesn’t make you special.
The voices in your head, they are only in your head.
Spirits exist and not only in your head, if you cannot even hear a thing outside your head how do you know its truth? How come can’t it be just you and you alone.
I am not judging anyone.
You be your own judge.

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