Journal entry 1: Contacting Lilith and Naamah

disclaimer: I Thought that I would start a journal containing some of my experiences where I try to contact entities, gods, goddesses, demons, ect. Todays journal entry is on Lilith and Naamah.

contacting Lilith and Naamah:
Today I tried contacting Lilith and Naamah. I started off by creating a space specifically for both Naamah and Lilith to make contact through. I call this space my altar even though there isn’t much to it other than some candles (red, purple, and white), two offering bowls (the bowls are individual, one for each goddesses), incense holder with sandal wood, two glasses for offerings, artwork and sigils. this is still a work in process but I intend on adding more as time progresses.

Once I had created the altar, I said a prayer for each goddess, then proceeded to evoke the both of them.

evoking Naamah:
I started by Evoking Naamah by facing northwest then starting the evocation. as I continued to speak the evocation, I noticed the candle flames increase in size (I’m not sure if this is a sign? but feel free to let me know) and beginning to flicker like a strong wind was hitting the flame. There were no windows or drafts hitting the candle, I made sure to double check.
As I was finishing Naamah’s evocation, I sensed a strong energy hit me and the surrounding energy. This energy was incredibly powerful. The energy was feminine, sexual, but did not make me feel uncomfortable. To be honest this energy made me somewhat Lustful, but also relaxing at the same time, it was comforting and somewhat familiar.

I greeted Naamah, and stated my cause of Evoking her. after finishing the evocation I said the following:

“Princess Naamah, I evoke you, and I ask that you help guide me in the right direction in life as you see fit, and if possible a sign of what it is that I truly desire in life. In return whatever it is you desire, I shall deliver. For know I give you these offerings placed on your altar. Thank you for your time and any future assistance.”

After I finished stating my desires and stating my offerings, I noticed the energy became significantly stronger and more positive/pleased.

Evoking Lilith:
Whilst Naamah’s energy still around, I began my evocation of Lilith. This time I started by staring into Lilith sigil, then speaking her evocation. I noticed that as I was doing my thing, a new energy made its self known. this one felt like Naamah’s but this energy was also more motherly and felt older.
I then proceeded to state my desires and offerings.

"Lady Lilith, I praise and honor you. I ask that you help guide me in the right direction in life as you too see fit. I ask that you show me a sign of what it is that I truly desire in life. In return whatever it is that you desire, I shall do my best to offer in return. For now I offer you these offerings place on the altar for you. Thank you for your time and any future assistance that you provide.*

Later that night:
Later that night as I was sleeping I saw myself preparing for the coming of a newborn baby. all of a sudden it hit me, in four month time, this baby would be born and I would be the father. I don’t know how I came to realize that it was mine, I just seemed to know.

After this experience, I have a feeling that they heard what my desires were and that they are now watching from afar. I am taking note of the fact that what I desire is to have a loving family of my own.

I thank both Lilith and Naamah for there assistance, and hope that we can come to know each other as time progresses on.

Thanks for taking the time to read. If you have any feedback on how I could improve my relationship with Both Naamah and Lilith, and what I should do next, that would be greatly appreciated.

Edit: If either of these deity’s seem please and give you feedback and are willing for you to share, I am more than willing to accept this criticism or feedback.

This is very strange. I had a similar dream about fatherhood when dealing with Namaah but it felt so damn real.

Like almost positively traumatizing in a weird way.
I think the point was to make me “feel” like a father would, and that feeling this energy gave me some sort of upgrade.

It was an intense feeling of responsibility that I cant seem to shake.

That is a great way of describing the feeling.

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