Journal Day 1

I want to be more active in the forum considering i’m honestly here all the time. So, with that being said, ill be doing to journal to document my progress through my ascent. It’ll also be my excuse to stick to a routine lol.
Day 1: I’ve been doing tarot readings (on myself), and trying to get myself to meditate more. So far, i’ll say i’m doing fine mostly. My readings are surprisingly accurate (or maybe i’m just trying to convince hope), but so far so good. My goal is to see seeing auras, but one step at a time lol. I’ve also been thinking about adopting a voodoo way of practice, but that’s too advance for me at the moment. I’ll just stick to thanking my ancestors, and lucifer for now.


Journal 2

There’s this youtuber called “Three hoodoo sister”, and her readings are pretty accurate. She’s actually my inspiration behind going into tarot (and the divination course). Besides from that, nothing is new. I’m still trying to meditate, and raise my intuition. So far so good, more or less that is lmao

Journal 3

Ever since my mother came back with this necklace and bracelet she got for me from New Orleans i’ve been seeing synchronicities in numbers like crazy. I don’t know what that means, but i’m just going to take it as a good thing lol. In terms of my meditation and progress i’ve stalled because of poor time management and, for complete honesty, lack of motivation.
Random food for thought: I think I also need to come to terms with myself and my values. Let me explain. As I was meditating in the dark yesterday, I noticed I was scared because I thought something would jump out or I’ll experience something “scary”. Now listen, I used to be very scared of the dark and hated watching scary movies up until like 15 (i am 18). Also, looking back I used to hear voices when I was younger sometimes right before I would go to bed, so i think that has something to do with it. But, anyway, It’s so weird. It’s like i’m not afraid anymore, but I also am? It’s actually really annoying. Just writing this in case anybody can relate. I will eventually beat whatever it is. Once I really begin to drive into the occult, I know I will see/experience some weird stuff. Having fear all the time isn’t going to help.