Journal - Belials Gate & his words to me (Slight TRIGGER)

I have been wondering what exactly working through the Gatekeepers entails, I was wondering what their specific gates required. And when I asked Belial, he has this to say:

“Destruction” I asked him to clarify, “I destroy all that binds you, all that chains you and all that ties you. I am without a master, and the requirement to pass through my gate is you must be as I am. I break all that restrains you, I breaks the ties that hinder you.” As he said this I saw thick, rusty, iron chains go around my wrists that looked like it had names etched into them but it looked so old and weathered I could make any of them out. “I break these ties and connections that do not serve you, I sever connections with people that do not serve you. So you many live as I, and to live as I do is to be free, free from all that hold you, I have already broken you.”

This last bit is in reference to when my fiancee was working through his gate, he was destroying her and at the same time he was destroying me. He had sent me to rock bottom, and rock bottom at the time for me was suicide. (Sorry if this triggers) I was completely non-functional, I couldn’t work and I dreaded ever waking up. For me, at that time the only time that I ever felt relief or peace was when I was sleeping and it was the same for her. The difference being that she has already faced her trauma and has, for lack of a better wording, broken those chains but I haven’t.

He goes on to say that, “Now I must free you, break these chains so that you will belong to no one. So that you will be able to truly ascend as you were meant to, so that no one will hold you captive. You are a submissive person, you are not dominant in many aspects of your life, but you cannot follow. You cannot allow yourself to follow the herd mentality. Before our pact is done, I assure you that. You. Will. Be. Free.”

And of course me being me, my immediate response to his very well worded and wise spiel, was "Damn, Belial, that’s straight wisdom right there.":joy: And I just felt like I had to share. :blush:


I loved reading what you wrote. It is truly inspiring to me to know that the gatekeepers are working on and in your life.
The pathworking we are doing together is one of ultimate knowledge of self, wisdom, clarity on the inner workings of this world the cosmos at large and my purpose in it.

Belial definitely broke my chains, from things I actually had no Idea were holding me back and most of it was me, my inner fear was always not feeling worthy in life and thinking others judged me.

He helped me realize that all those doubts or hurdles I was presented with in life were all created by me and once he lifted that veil I had this new found strength of self.

Peoples perception of me no longer matters and the fear that once held me down is now dead. I have a voice, and it is powerful and commanding and people gravitate towards me always questioning how I am so calm in every situation. I have learned to take control and be my own master.

I have not had any negative experiences whatsoever but then I guess that is also in the eye of the beholder if one choses to focus on it. I don’t :slight_smile:


He had said a lot more, but there was too much said for me write it all down, but everything you said sums up all that he told me. Truly beautifully worded, and I’m glad your experience with him was so profound. To be honest, right now I’m just trying to work on truly trusting him and what he has planned for me even though he tore me down, it feels like he’s already trying to rebuild me in some shape or form. (I hope that makes sense)


Totally, I just realized this was your journal…oops. But you can trust him, he will always deliver what he promises. But in reading this forum he seems to switch it up and cater for the individuals needs he works with. I can’t wait to see what else he has in store for you :slight_smile:


Oh no, it’s cool. I didn’t really know what else to label it as, and honestly I’m kinda nervous about what he has I store for me.

That in and of itself is very impressive. The reason I say that is so many people have trouble with it, even (and especially) people who want to be teachers or mentors. Sometimes people really try, and fail. They have the knowledge, but like no way to impart it on the eager student.


All I can say is WOW he is amazing n I feel the way you did kinda lifeless and sleeping all the time so maybe belial is changing me for the better thank for this post

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