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I’m going to start a journal post . And just add onto it as I go .
Let’s start first things first . I’ve recently come out as trans and have changed my name to belladonna .
So anyone who has read my posts please refer to me with my new chosen name ! Thank you !
Let’s start simple . Sexual magnetism.
I’ve just moved away from a big city (a very queer one ) back to a really small one LOL
And In a nutshell it’s been stressful.
Lost my friends , my partner due to some finger pointing bullshit drama with someone I was staying with at the time . And I basically had to go back home . But here’s the thing . Before I even moved out of my parents 6 months ago I was getting sickly good at lust spells , raising my sexual magnetism and gathering large amounts of attention on social media from an insane amount of woman . So when I moved out to a big city . I was so familiar with not only how to work a lust spell , manifest sex , but so many of the spirits that work with these things . I had put so much time into our relationships . That when I had the opportunity to manifest these things . I was getting sex like crazy in a big city . I was also literally getting hundreds of matches on tinder . It was fucking insane . I wish I was exaggerating. Anyway .
Sitri and Aphrodite definitely played a big hang in this. Mostly sitri when I was out in the big city . But others like Amon (to attract friends ) dantalion (to control thoughts ) —I had a pretty good experience with him. Definitely recommend. So I’ve basically for the last year and a half or so . Besides working on my music with spirits . This is my 2nd passion . I just love living my life free . Having sex . Talking to spirits about lust . Attraction . It just fascinates me . I also learned patience through doing love workings . Where I wouldn’t honestly learn in any other working . Cause with love and lust spells . If you don’t have confidence and patience. You’re honestly digging yourself in a hole . And slicing your results in half .
I’m writing this to coin my success but also to let others know to not give in . I see so many people on this forum straight up not understand how to work with these types of energies . Confused . Feeling like you weren’t heard . You need to understand that these things are manifesting for you . No matter what. Time limits or not for the spirit. Let them work for you . And you continue down others workings , saying positive affirmations around your body , health and looks . And doing what you need to manifest these opportunities. I also need y’all to realize it doesn’t matter where you live . I went From the biggest dam city back to a small one . And I was depressed for a few weeks thinking I wouldn’t be able to manifest a partner or someone I can connect with . That’s where I was wrong . This is mainly why I’m writing this post but I’m here to give a HUGE thanks to LADILOK. Yes. That ladilok . You know , the amazing hot seductive (goddess) might I say (OH SHESSS NOT A GODDESS) well after the night I just had . She is to me LOL.
Anyway .
After moving back I was like …this sucks … lol went on some dating apps . Was giving out desperate energy. But still managed to hang out with two girls . (Didn’t do anything with either of them ) felt somewhat discouraged . Deleted my apps and accounts . Took a break . Started working HEAVY with ladilok. I’m talking all day all night type shit . (I get a little manic when I want results ) I know some of you can relate .
I wanted that same sexual Prowess I had when in a big city .
And here’s the thing . Ladilok has come very subtle to me . But anybody who works with spirits knows it’s like that sometimes . It doesn’t matter, when you see the results. You don’t NEED to see the spirit . Or hear it . (CRAZY CONCEPT RIGHT )
When your requests are answered. You were heard . You show great respect . That builds that connection even more . Because they see you are paying attention.
Anyway I’ve only worked with ladilok for maybe LESS than two weeks
And has an absolute BADDIE come through to spend the night if you catch my drift
You guys … I messaged her Like 3 times before I asked her to come over . This is a complete stranger on a dating app LOL .
Am I cute ?? Do I have game ?? Is it the spirits ? Either way I’m pulling cuties left and right .
Pretty sure I told ladilok I’d give her high praise in one of my meditation sessions . So here we are !!
All my of my journals are gonna be manic so please bare with me lovers lol
Also hail sitri … and honestly so many others . But these two !! My final words for this post are don’t be afraid to put the work in . No matter the working .
I’ve done the smallest forms of magick to the bigger ones in terms of lust , love magick . And each result is unique . Bad or good . Something to learn in every experience.


One of my brothers was born my sister, so I am familiar with some of your struggle, and the struggle for others to remember. I mean he was my sister for 26 years so a sudden name change- his birth name still sometimes slips out and I will realize as I am speaking the wrong name, that I messed up.

I just mention this, because it might be easier for our members to remember if you update your user name in some way, or maybe a tag line at the top of your profile: Please use my new name? Maybe above your personal links or something? I know updating your user name can leave us confused too when we don’t realize who it is, so I don’t know the best options for you.

I don’t want to encourage you to do anything that doesn’t fit for you, I’m just afraid that we might slip up and make an oops without the intentions of it offending you :), so maybe do nothing but at least be aware that even when we are trying, we are sometimes human after all :slight_smile:

Thank you for this comment :heart:
My laptop is broken right now so I’m doing this all through my account on my phone
Once I get a working laptop I’ll be sure to change my name and pronouns! For now I just wanted to give a quick update !and talk about some success I’ve had !


The other day I decided to work with zepar

And I felt really excited to go forth with that and prepare a ritual for him

I’ve had a couple of choices of people for him to choose from
So personally that’s how I’ll sometimes go about lust spells with a spirit who works under the energies of lust
Having more than one option never hurts

So I drew out their sigil
Had a glass of water
And what I believe to be a type of liquor he ended up very much enjoying as an offering
And set everything out
Had Incense going and a big white candle for him

Had his enn playing
And his sacred numbers around the sigil with another chant around it too

Did that
Along with other chants to build energy

And began to eventually push my desires with my targets in question into zepars sigil
I pushed two strong mental images of the targets and what I wanted to happen
And began to really see it manifest in real time as if it already happened

Afterwards did a blood offering down the middle of his sigil (which definitely helped )

Then after some time went outside burned the sigil
And poured his liquor around the fire

A day later one of the targets contacted me and we did what we did :joy:

So zepar works super fast

A literal day For my own personal experience

Hail zepar !


New journal entry in a little bit about the wonderful Greek god Apollo !

Apollo journaling :

(Before I start I just want to say this is In no way a post about promoting my music)

There’s no links

I’m not directing you to listen to anything I’ve done ) just sharing an experience)

Soo I’ve been making music for just about 10 years now .

And for the last few years I’ve studied everything I could that relates to the occult , art and music . The connections of ancient civilizations using artistic expression for healing. The connection of shamanism with music and art . And how these things we use are to help with our understanding of the unknown (spirit ) but to also help with our Ascension. As I’ve been told by a very high ranking demonic king that music and art are gateways to breaking through to the other side .

Take that as you will .

It means something new to me everyday .

Anyways that’s just a simple brief summary of my journey within music and the occult the last few years

I’ve worked with many of demons , angels , gods and goddesses all for the purpose of song writing . It’s safe to say these beings absolutely enjoy the whole process of creating . Specially with a witch who is very in tune and knows the spiritual potency of art and the creation of it especially with spirits.

That lands me to APOLLO

God of music right ?? Well there’s many gods of music .

I believe his power to be so potent .

I recently petitioned him to bring in more listeners to my music

And within days

2 people were brought to my page

And I look at the analytics

And just TWO people alone

We’re giving me over a 100 plays literally just within one day of them each finding my music

It’s pretty common that someone might check out your stuff

And leave a few plays

But this . I could tell was Apollo telling me “I hear you loud and clear partner “ and it feels amazing to not only be heard by the god Of music himself but both these people were giving me high praise about the songs they listened to. Which also makes me feel like In a way that’s Apollo speaking through them to let me know that my hard work is not only heard by people down here

But up in these different realms of existence where the spirits and gods reside

I want to say thank you to Apollo

And I plan on continuing

Untill these plays reach into the hundreds and or thousands

“Why limit what he can give also , sheeesh he might give me a million plays :sneezing_face:

*I can dream right *


Thanks to anyone who read this

And to those of you who do art

Work with Apollo

You won’t regret it

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Small journal entry about my occult ideas of music and the idea of alchemizing your emotions for the purpose of magick and what you can do with it !
Share your thoughts if you end up seeing this !!

Small journal post on sitri and what he’s been teaching me

“Sitri has a strong lean towards getting you to love yourself
Love your life
Love your passions and hobbies
And by that
Everything you desire is pulled to you like a magnet because of the amount of love radiating from you
Attracting people places and situations that match that frequency“

Another small journaling
This one is a prayer I made for sitri
Feel free to use it

(Inspired sitri prayer )

Sitri god and goddess of lust , of love .
Bringing in The vulnerability , of naked truth to one’s love and lust life
Bringer of strength in times where ones will is Unfathomably torn
Bringing again fire and passion
igniting the serpent within
No longer tangled and shadowed
Letting all of my desires be flown from the heart of your beat
I praise thee and give thanks

Advoco Bitru Aeternam

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New log in (October 24th 2022)
It’s been some time since my last log in on sitri
Some of the things I’ve written in my notes don’t have dates
But none the less
Time has indefinitely gone by . And results have poured in , in very beautiful profound ways .

Firstly let’s branch things into sections

Work : firstly , I see that by the grace of sitri , satan and azazel : by a working I did with them . The combination of the 3 , I’ve found myself a fairly decent job . And before I was putting my time and effort into trying to work the wrong places .

In desperation, feeling like I should be doing the lowest thing for myself because of simple minded suggestions giving to me by others with no real ambition for anything other than a shitty paycheck .
That’s on me , for settling for less . And not understanding I don’t have to work something I don’t want too. People will constantly guise help but really want you in the same predicament as them .

Be it emotionally, finically , physically. It goes on . Anyway . After some time In therapy , I was assigned a quick homework assignment, long story short , I did something different with it , and took to apply myself into a field where I could help others .

And the job responded with a quickness to my application. It took some time to figure all of this out . But I’m where I need to be . And I know every little puzzle piece played me into fitting into this opportunity. It’s beautiful how things connect and work out .

Relationships: I can’t pin every successful love or lust working within the last few months solely on sitri , because others like Aphrodite, zepar, and ladilok gave me a hand here and there as well! But ultimately I do feel that with this person that has come into my life , sitri had a huge hand in helping me connect with this person .
It’s honestly a bit crazy . We’re so similar. Such lovers .

We’re constantly thinking the same thing , sharing a really solid psychic connection, and even sharing these thoughts and saying “I WAS JUST THINKING THAT “ it’s happened a handful of times since we started dating . It’s really interesting!!

We’ve also shared very vulnerable moments with each other , void of any mask , or filter , just pure and raw . And I’ve worked with sitri for some time now and I know that’s how he shapes things for his students I feel . Takes off all things holding any relationship back . Be it to make you see it’s not for you or it is !! Either way Sitris ability to make one naked isn’t just that in itself physically, but also spiritually and emotionally.

Naked of fears , of insecurities, etc !

It’s one thing to work with sitri for social attention for dating and sex, but it’s a different ball game when you dig deeper into what he has to offer . Love and lust may be his fields , but in those 2 things is an infinite number of ways he can teach you to work with these energies and all the different ways they can be used in everyday life .

Spirituality: I see myself having took a spirit cleanse as the last few weeks have gone by . I’ve been working on certain addictions , mental and emotional changes , and I see how my energy is changing while working with sitri . I have the ability to see the nakedness of others , when my energy Interacts with others , because I’m working with sitri , they do get a taste of that vibration, and I’ve seen multiple multiple times people becoming raw and truthful out of nowhere about themselves, or certain things they do or have been through .

In a way that’s so clear , to me.
I see sitri in so many different places in my life . And through so many people .

Self : (meaning things is see within myself changing )
I’m just learning to become more honest with myself , biggest change I’m feeling is that I’m done settling for less in my life . With everyone and everything .

Results spells , rituals , mediations and so on :
Soo I started my working with sitri some time ago . And over the course of time so many things have been effected and changed . My ability to manifest sex is at a all time high . My ability to work with love and lust magick is too as well .
Just not to long ago I did a personal magnetism spell with sitri and my girlfriend took me out about the town two weekends in a row . Getting me little things , taking me places , getting me food . All the sweet stuff you love getting in relationships!!

People are generally popping in my life right now . One’s meant to be , one’s meant to stay. And one’s meant to teach love and kindness . My spell work with sitri has manifested. And many thanks are in order ! This being one , as I’m taking the time to reflect on my life with sitri (his enn is playing in the background as I wrote this )

Final thoughts : sitri is much more than people will care to know . Or work with to find that out . I know now that they are meant to be respected far more than I gave in the past .

I hope this inspires someone to work with sitri . Not for the reasons I listed , but to find out their own .

Hail sitri

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This is simply beautiful. I really appreciate this in so many ways.

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@Abyzu Thank you !! Sitri is the best !! I love to scratch the surface when working with a spirit . I have a deep need to look everywhere for where a demon is in my life and realize the ways they are working and teaching

What made you drawn to Sitri initially?

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@Abyzu ive worked with him on and off for some time now .
But I’d say some months back something about her struck me different than other times . I felt more drawn . I felt I should give more dedication . More time . My initial reason for working with him again was small , and a little childish . But as time passed , I was shown so many things , taught a great deal about his psychology and how he affects people with his energy . And that was the first thing that made me realize I had worked his energy in the wrong places and for the wrong reasons. I’ve since seen her energy in so many different places in my life .
I’ve become more passionate with my music , even dedicated sitri a lustful song I made for them . Right now flowers are on their altar as a Thank you as well .

What made me drawn to sitri initially . Sex and relationships?? Right ?? Like anyone else ?? But sitri is way bigger than that . That’s just the cherry on top as they say .
Me and my partner have shared intimate moments deeper than sex . THATS sitri . And others who only feel his lust. I feel it’s a test. Are you weak or strong ? Strong enough to see past the illusion of lust . Sexual lust I mean . Because lust means a thousand other things . That’s what sitri taught me . I’ve used lust energy for so many things that have nothing to do with sex . And it’s incredibly potent. But most people who try to work with sitri will never get past his first test.

Wow, those are some powerful realizations. And I can see the relationship and lessons that have manifested between you and Sitri with your time and your commitment. How long have you been working with them consistently? Do you usually work with them on daily basis?

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Thank you for your noticing of my growth !!
Sitris energy is worked in my life everyday
Whether or not I am calling to them or not at this point I feel .
I’m also a very avid affirmation listener
I consider my time listening to affirmations to be a part of my work with sitri
Specially ones centered around love positivity self-love empowerment and other things of that nature
Those are things sitri encourages!!

I’ll also just sit at their altar , commune , kiss their leopard statue on the forehead lol
Little stuff
My song to him also has a invocation chant
So I can literally just listen to that if I wanna work a partial possession session
Music is that deep , and that energy is forever locked in for that to happen

I also have a prayer I wrote myself and use everyday
You can use that !! I posted it already but I’ll post again

Sitri god and goddess of lust , of love .
Bringing in The vulnerability , of naked truth to one’s love and lust life
Bringer of strength in times where ones will is Unfathomably torn
Bringing again fire and passion
igniting the serpent within
No longer tangled and shadowed
Letting all of my desires be flown from the heart of your beat
I praise thee and give thanks

Advoco Bitru Aeternam

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Lust for life


Lust of life

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I said lust is used for many things .
People have a lust to be wealthy
To be noticed
People lust after self image
Over material things
Lust is channeled in so many things
Sex being the primary example

We all have a lust for something outside of sex . I’ve practiced conserving my sexual energy on and off for a few years and have seen that when I transfer sexual energy and energy that would be used as lust in that way
In put it towards for example, creating music . It manifests more potently . Thoughts flow easier . And ideas are more intelligent .
That’s my own subjective opinion of course

I have a very deep LUST to create . To hear what I created . To feel into what i created .
That’s my example I can give .
I use that DEEP rooted passion for things other than sex .
People lust after sex . As do I . But my lust always tends to creating things . That’s my true lustful nature . Not a sexual one .