Journal 2020 reading each day

Ive been practicing tarot readings for myself each day, taking upon myself to learn from what my higherself notes as insights to what is going on around me.

So we’ll start today with this and ill update as much as possible, i do these readings first thing in the morning as to forgo as many outside influences as possible.

1/2 - knight of swords: I’m charging into this year full force, I can’t stop what will be and I must stay true to my thoughts and feelings. I must be strong, to be strong for myself and others. To defend when others cannot and strike down what opposes my path. In this I must be compassionate and unafraid, I drew the blade knowing that there was no option other than victory for what I believe to be true. In this though to be the warrior spirit is not invulnerability but complete vulnerability, to do what is hardest, to show love without wincing, without doubt, without fear.

A little constructive suggestion: It would be better if you posted a picture of the cards, because there are knights of swords and knights of swords. In the Thoth deck, for example, the knights are the kings

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You mean the journal?

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True, im using rider Waite, and yes that is a good idea,

And to @someguy1 yes, to keep this up daily to report as a means for myself to look back on and for others to as well.

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Not exactly the next card, but something I wanted to add here since it ties together so perfectly, i found This story on the forum originally posted by @Lady_Eva and well that charged my being. It made my tarot draw this morning make more sense and my post ritual (a contact of my higher self in what to take away from ritual/what to do) and its the 3 of cups :smile: wow. Just wow.

1/3 -
III of Pentacles - today marks a new day, full of energy, focus, vigor, a man reborn. But he is not born alone, all of his work, all of his being has come together to see a plan come to fruition. I work for the most part alone, but my hand is always out ready to help others when needed. The three players in this card; the monk (soul), the architect (body), and the draftsman (mind), represent the three parts of me that have been seperate but coming together to make me (the temple) whole. The draftsman (mind) has the blueprint, he sees how the layout should be, how the temple is to be built, what i need to do in order to complete my goals and workings. The architect (body) is doing the physical portion, making sure its structurally sound, for without him feeling and carving the walls the stone would be stone still, amorphous and without shape or guidance. The monk (soul) guides both of them to this higher purpose, he stands in respect and awe towards the work of the other two, seeing the entire process come together blessing the work that has been done to his standards. For without him the temple has no means of sacredness and would be a building all the same.

1/4 -
IV of wands - its a time to rejoice, as the building blocks have been set. The four wands act as pillars to a canopy of lush greens, it acts to catch all good things that come upon me. A man and woman stand holding up bouquets of flowers and greens. What does this mean for me though a continuation of my ritual, strengthening my bonds to others, and taking a day to have some fun.

1/5 -
III of Cups -
Three woman stand with their goblets raised towards the sky, its time to celebrate! Today is another continuation of such, yesterday I took a small day trip and it proved to be good for both me mentally and my magick (had a light flash in my bedroom before sleep, did my ritual laying down in bed, had an electric surge and shot up, coukdnt sleep until 5am, woke up at 9 fully energized, internal temple is great if you cant do it at the altar) tangent aside Trust and treat yourself well, i think thats the lesson here. I think thats a lesson we can all take away and use in all aspects of our lives.


  • The empress is the eternal mother, a form of the immortal feminity that has helped guide us through the ages, she represents abundance, creativity, and materialism. She’s given a crown of the stars, twelve of them, in my opinion the 12 signs of the zodiac. Shes dominant, the counter part of the emporer, and shrouded in the love of Venus as a mother to all. Today I finish i project and being it to life, been feeling very guided to change and progress financial dealings in my life. I cannot ask for help and support rather i must make that change myself. I must be my higher self in order to see that change, put my work out there for people to see and purchase as well as take opportunity as it arises in the 9 to 5 world. Bring forth the goods of the material world mighty empress! Ia ia thou mighty empress!

1/7 -
The first in the minor arcana for cups, and honestly one of my favorites! The seed is planted, awareness is present and my time is coming! Maybe its the qigong mixed with ritual magick, maybe its the practice of actively merging with my more positive higher self. Either way, today is a good day, the sun has been shining and thats something that around where I am is a rarety of forms!