Journal 1: My conversation with Father Asmodeus

This happened months ago, but because of my electronic restrictions, and the fact that my fam. doesn’t want me researching meta and occult stuff under their room, it took me a while to be able to sneak back on here. (Hail Lilith for electronic malfunctions.)

Anyway, let’s begin

March 18, 2020

So tonight I finally contacted Father Asmodeus, I first heard his name spoken as I was wondering to myself who my demonic father was. Almost immediately I heard the name “Asmodeus”, so I decided to look up information about him on an Encyclopedia of Demons made by a certain priestess.

After that, I started seeing Father Asmodeus’s name everywhere, especially here on the forum whenever I logged in. Here is the conversation we had.

Asmodeus: I’m here.
Me: (Still chanting his name as I was doubting I actually heard a voice, I then got the feeling to stop.)
Me: King Asmodeus, are you here?
*Asmodeus: I am! I’m floating right here! (I think he was in a good mood because I heard Joy in his voice)

just to double check because I doubt my abilities too much

Me: King Asmodeus, give me a sign that you’re here.
Asmodeus: I’m here! (For some reason I think he got a kick out of my triple checking).
Me: Out of curiosity, how long have you been here?
Asmodeus: Since you started chanting my name (he said with a smile)
Me: By the way my King, I don’t have any offerings for you as I lost the list of offerings Iv’e read you liked.
Asmodeus: It’s fine! I just wanted to talk.
Me: So talking is enough?
Asmodeus: Yes it is.
Me: So what do you want to talk about?
Asmodeus: Well first of all I am not father as I know you’ve been wondering that, and I just mean I am not your current forms father, we are related though.
Me: Well I kinda knew that, but I mean, were you the father of one of my previous incarnations?
A (just gonna use this instead of typing his whole name): BINGO!
Me: Did you just say Bingo?
A: Yes.

After some random blabber and talking

Me: So, King Asmodeus, can I ask you something before I go to sleep?
A: Sure you can.
Me: Do you think you could be my Demonic Mentor?
A: Sure
Me: What kind of stuff can you teach me?
A: Combat Magick, we can spar, I can teach you defense. And if you wish to learn it, I can teach you energy manipulation as well.
Me: Could you also help me with Astral Projection?
A: he shrugs If you want.
Me: Final question, could you teach me how to defend myself from Yahweh?
A: Why would you need to?
Me: I’m just wondering since a lot of things I have tasked my legion to do fail. I was thinking Yahweh was messing with me, so I rebuked him. And I am scared if I rebuke him again, he may hurt or destroy my spirit companions. (Who I am very close with and love dearly)
A: He would have no right, you don’t need to be scared of him.
Me: Alright, I have to go to bed, it was nice talking to you.
Asmodeus: It was nice talking to you too.
Me: Before you go, could you possibly adopt me so I am officially one of your children?
A: Sure!
Me: Thanks, goodnight dad!
A: Goodnight Son!

And that was that.

Side Note: His energy feels heavy and authoritative, and he appeared to me looking like Zeus from The first Percy Jackson movie.



Any new updates ?

Not at the moment, but I plan to contact Father again soon, since we can now meet in my astral temple. I can hear a bit better in my astral temple than my physical temple.

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Good luck. How does your astral temple look like ?

John 18:36

36 Jesus answered, My kingdom is not of this world: if my kingdom were of this world, then would my servants fight, that I should not be delivered to the Jews: but now is my kingdom not from hence.


I don’t get it

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it’s annoying to use bible verses on BALG

Just like Jesus’ legions, your legion has limitations, know those limitations and act according to what they can actually do within their limits, it is more fruitful than expecting them to do stuff and then complaining when things don’t happen. Never forget, also, that spirits sometimes have good reasons for nor accomplishing requests, which could be considered a limitation if you want them to be your blind slaves. Remember Riza and Mustang in FMA: B, you would like a Riza to be your soldier if you don’t have the experience nor formation to command anything


I see, thanks for explaining

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Stay tunned to my posts for more annoyance :wink:

@Ulunas I would like to add that the Asmodeus of your post sounds more like the Asmodeus I know. When I first entered here, people spoke about Asmodeus as a furious, lustful monster with tree cocks, and I was like "but the one I know is a gentleman :slightly_frowning_face: " and now I see that I’m not alone in my perception

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I saw the same thing when I first came here,

A little off topic, I was talking to asmodeus one day and asked him if he could make it so I wouldnt get a Girl pregnant if we did it , and he said “Use protection and it is done”. I’m sure he said that with a smile too. I never would have guessed he’d be for safe sex practices :joy:


In the Qliphoth there is a lot of sex. The qlipha of Asmodeus, Golachab, is about absolute restriction, thus contraception would be within that. Such interpretation may sound too prude the way I said it, but remember that Qabalah is a Jewish system for talking about Jewish stuff, that non-Jewish people took it and used it for magick doesn’t strip it from the Jewish bias, thus the qlipha and Asmodeus himself are sinful and perverse, while penis+vagina=many children is the only complete sexual goodness that you can find in that system

That is a summary of the second part of the book “Nightside of Eden” by Kenneth Grant that I made time ago, i.e the tunnels and some key characteristics, some of the entries have the sexual practices of the tunnels listed. One of them that is very of Golachab is “karezza”, which is basically just touches (it is much more than that and has sex magick applications, but that is a general idea for someone who is not into that)

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bible is corrupted as fuck , yes I will still be annoyed that Christians like you are on BALG

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Bruh, no need to show hate, show love man, not all Christians are bad, in fact, the verse he game I actually understood when he explained it. Now, I’m not a big bible reader, but the Bible does have good unreligious advice and wisdom.