Journal 1: Lucifer

I’m still working on my senses so idk. But I think so

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Did you feel an energy or anything? :slight_smile: Also next time ask him if he wants to and see if you get a response!

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No I don’t think I felt energy. Honostly I’m still figuring out what is what. I did work with vassago but the only way he could ever talk with me was through sleep. When working with him I felt when he was near but it wasn’t strong. I believe it was on my part. Honostly I’m thinking about reconnecting with him and just asking for guidance on how I should go about this. After all he was the first I evoked. Speaking truthfully I think I’m too sucked up in reality. Or something along the lines of that. I think I need some serious help with my magic and senses. Could I be blocked somehow? I feel like I need to get something off of my chest but I don’t know what it is. Like if I need to admit something i don’t know I’m doing. Its vary complicated. I don’t know how much you know or the experiences you’ve had. But if you can help me with this roadblock I’d be extremely grateful. If not that’s fine too.

Idk what you know about vassago but he can show past and future. He gave me a vision of what the future holds for me.

A post from when I worked with him

PM me! :slight_smile:

I read into a roadblock a couple of days ago and I’ve figured it out finally. I need to do a channeling of him. I’m going to banish the area in a new way I learned from this forum. I have 5 questions to ask him

  1. What do you feel is the right path for me?
  2. What kind of knowledge do you provide?
  3. What kind of power can be obtained from you?
  4. Is there anything you want to know about me? Or anything you want from me?

I think I know whats coming but in the back of my head something is telling me “oh boy you do not know what’s coming, this is gonna change you.” Wish me luck. I’ll be sure to do the banishing right so no unwanted spirits enter me.


Sorry I didn’t see this post before I pm’d you but I’m sure you will still find something within my message of value hopefully!
Update me how the channelling goes for you whether on here or through pm :slight_smile:


Hmm… I dont know you might something of value on this thread? :blush: Regarding working with spirits and specifically Lucifer that is! :heart:

@Moonlight154 aww thanks ill definitely read this

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