Jokes on me?

Long story short i evoked Sallos and Belial to help with a situation involving a person who is very dear to me but oddly walked out of my life without answers after many years together. I wont give full details of the ritual because i promised that i would only pass that information and praise to others once the results of my petition was completed. The main task i asked of Belial was to open the lines of communication between us and i gave an example of how that could be accomplished for reference. 2 weeks later, in the exact manner i described someone who had seperatley wronged me around the same time began making efforts to communicate. I immediately thought Belial was joking with me. It was as if this person was an example to say “i can do this for you, you can see that its possible” but it wasnt the right person! Any community members have insight, expiriences, thoughts or opinions touching on this?

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Perhaps this isn’t a joke and he really is telling you that yes, he can do this for you, here’s an example. Maybe it’s a sign? Maybe Belial needs a bit more time to work on the person and bring them to you, especially if they’re stubborn, or maybe he needs time to rearrange some things in the other person’s life so the lines of communication can open for you two.

Just some things to think about. Everything will work out, just give it time, believe in your work and trust Belial and Sallos. :hugs:


Very positive encouragment thank you!

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I’ve had the similar experiences as well , asking to open communication with someone and out of no where start getting messages from people I’ve lost contact with for ages :unamused:it’s been going on for over a year now !

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Did you ever get the correct person?

Not yet !

Hopefully soon for both of our sakes!

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A new development since my petitions; things have not gotten any better. I found out that the target had cheated on me and left me for that person as well in addition to lying about it has stopped talking to me. I really dont know what to do, its as if the opposite of my petition is happening