Jobs and magick

How do full time jobs interfere with magical ascent?

Try it and see, everyone’s different, every job/situation/ascent is different too. :slight_smile:

You could always contact Hala’thor from the Book of Azazel. He can help you to establish a career that will be beneficial to your Ascent.

Like if u wanted to finish the Book of Azazel mastery as well as works of darkness mastery…would a heavy emergency job be suitable or shave to choose a more relaxed job like a teacher professor of some college school rather than a emergency physician

Plan your magick around your job, or your job around your magick. It’s your choice, and one each of us must make at some point.

EA said that he used to do interior design. It’s pretty cool and the money isn’t bad either.

I think that as Magician we should find a Job that Allow us to practice our arts with the most Freedom Possible, and i’m sure that with all the tool we have we will not be forced if we want to to Work to Survive and Survive to work as most people do,

We are not most People!

Belial gave me a job,6 hours a day,programmer…

all that i needed


cool as fuck

good money
free time always

Everyone define “assent” differently I think. For me, assent contains a very large aspect of being able to manifest money. Unfortunately, magick needs a way to bring that into your life. So, for me, getting rid of my job would be crippling to my assent.

For other’s (especially of the RHP), though, “assent” largely entails trying to get rid of the ego, become one with the source through meditation, etc. For them, employment would probably get into the way.

I have zero interest in the latter.

Use a little sense here. If you work a job that sucks up most of your time, then you better be making major Bank (big buku cash). Even if you do not make that much it would make sense to work your way up to that point.

One should strive to not work hard to live a semi-decent existence, while ones actual true hard work is making Big Capitol Gains. Knowing this is the difference between slaving away and making someone else richer, vs truly making yourself richer.

Some jobs do not suck up all your time, and some may allow you to decide how often you work.

Jobs where you can be your own boss or the boss of others seem to be perfectly suited to us.

I have a better one: you can use magic at your job is going to make thing very interesting…trust me. If you put a little chaos in iit you’ll have a blast…so you get 2 in 1 practice your skills while you work.