Job promotion star of the hours

I just started this new job and I want to summon a demon to work with me to become a magnet to the money and get a promotion within a 3 month period making at least 4,000 a week tops who do I summon who can help me summon this demon

There are a lot of demons that could be useful for career advancement. If you search the forum, there are threads from forum members who have used Belial, and King Paimon to good effect, which could give you some ideas on how to work with them.

Another option is a godform, like Zeus. If that is of interest, I recommend the book Financial Magick by Jason Miller.

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A good magical target, a good way to do this is to polarize your self to prosperity or financial abundance. Magick has a way of acting like legal contracts when it comes language. The more precise wording of the target goal the more precise the manifestation will be.

With the above in mind you may wanna remove these limitations on time and monetary amount unless there already a good probability of this happening. Magick tends to manifest along the path of least resistance. The alternative is doing rituals geared toward setting up the event chains nessasary to bring this specific outcome about.


@Dinmiatus in what case of rituals do I perform I thank you for the feed bak

That would be dependant on your situation. When i was ready to get a new job that had more opportunities to grow i did rituals for finding the kind of job i wanted, for attracting prosperity, opening opportunities to increase my value to the company more so that i earn more. These are a handful of the rituals i have done regarding work.

As building a strong foundation for wealth or prosperity that will last depending on which you desire is not fast work. A brief look into history will show you this.


Clauneck, is who I would choose.


Clauneck + Bune + Jupiter.


Hey Aiden_Crow can you explain how do you use the demons in conjunction with planetary magic?

The way i think I can use it is to call upon Jupiter for overall blessing and the demons to micromanagement things ? Also if you could provide any details on how you combine these forces?

Many thanks