Job help

I’ve been playing fast and loose with my attendance at my job. I report back to labor on Monday and I’m wondering if there are any spells or rituals I can do to swing things in my favor. Sorry if this is a dumb question

You can try to call upon King Paimon to influence your employer, like EA did (as described in Works of Darkness). It didn’t work for him because the decision had already been made to fire him due to his behaviour, but he did walk away with far more money than he should have received.


I agree with calling King Paimon. I called on him to help sway an interview my way after being led to believe I had the job beforehand. I didn’t get the job but the chain of events that happened afterward showed me why it was best I didn’t. I’m retired and living a nice life, way better than when I was working.

Give King Paimon a try. Good luck :bouquet:


I had to chuckle at the opening sentence. I agree with pain on on as well but I also suggest Andras.

Also it never hurts to sweeten yourself before facing any of these panels etc. e.g. a bath with sugar, cinnamon, vanilla, basil, rose petals etc.

Lastly a member her told me about the 33*3 method and it’s really effective. YouTube it get started ASAP as u literally have three days until Monday or rather Monday would be the final day.