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Hello everyone, wasn’t sure where to post this so I also posted in the money forum. I have a job interview coming up and I want to remove the competition. I don’t want to bring harm to the other applicants, I just want them to go away. I work with angels and have reservations about working with demons. If anyone can advise on the best angel to call on to banish competition that would be great. Thank you in advance.


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I you work with angels, they probably already told you, you don’t need to trip up others as much as raise yourself.

I’m hearing, that you’re coming at this from a fear-based perspective, and that’s highly likely to fuck with your results.

You want to flip that around into knowing you’ll get the role because you’re the best person for it, and you want the hiring managers to see that, while hiding any flaws in you that you are aware of. This should be a lot easier to achieve magically. It’s always easier to change yourself than others.

Well, they’re the same thing, imo, this is just a xtain-influenced insulting and fairly mindless bigotry.

Sorry - you’ve come to an lhp forum, we’re going to tell you to think for your yourself, stop being a pussy, try shit and believe your own experience not what you’ve been spoon-fed. :smiley:

So I can’t help you, as the last time I did this, was January and I worked with about 7 entities from Corwin Hargroves Goetia Pathworking. I got the job without even needing references.

Have you tried the book Angels of Wrath?


I’ve just been intimidated of demons because of the bad rap they get and fear of the unknown since I’ve never worked with them. The angel rituals seem to get very swift results. Up until a few months ago I had mostly been practicing tarot and crystal magic. I would get some results, but nothing like I have with the angel rituals. Years ago I did some poppet magick and got some pretty powerful results from that, but that’s the only magick I’ve tried that could even compare to the results that I’ve been getting with the angel magick. I did just purchase angels of wrath kindle so funny you should mention that. I was thinking about using the binding ritual while also continuing to use the magical job seeker book by Damon brand. The magical job seeker rituals focus more on what you mentioned about elevating yourself to show you’re the best candidate.

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Has anyone on here worked with the angel sitael? That’s who I’m mostly working with to help with finding a job.

Pick up a copy of Damon Brand’s book, The Magical Job Seeker. It has what you’re looking for.

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Actually I am currently using it along with 72 angels of magick. Both are very good. I am thinking that I might incorporate a big hunk of citrine and some pyrite into the rituals since both are good for drawing prosperity and money.

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