Jinns fascinate me and I want to know if anyone here has ever summoned a jinn before? And what was the experiences like?

Also is it okay to summon without using commanding in Allah’s name or whatevers?


Read “The Devils Quran”

Yes I summon them regularly.


Isn’t a jinn the equivalent of a genie


Yes they are powerful too. Most are either followers of Allah and others no. There different djinns from other areas of the world but in the middle east is a common thing.

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I seem to read jinn or djinn’s and demons regardless of origin used interchangeably in various traditions- even some goetic writings refer to “the 72 djinn”. Just something I’ve noticed- potato-patoto

Very interesting. The last time I heard of the use of a djin was the djin curse/the curse of 1000 demons a very peculiar curse.