Jinn question

Want to pm me ?

Im still new member now,pm still not available to me

Oh ok its np, so what do u know about jinns? Any facts,?

Jinn are born from smokeless fire
Jinn are 4 types 1)Hinn 2)Jann 3)Marid 4)Shilat

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Isnt there ifrit as well? Im also Muslim btw

Yup they are very intelligent jinn

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Wow :o have u ever seen a jinn in their original form? What are they like?

I have seen jinn smoke appearance

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Wowww :o do u have any living with u? I also heard from some muslims that they arnt pleasant looking… but idk

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So do u work with an djinns?

Google books about Asmodeus, use every resource you have, I say this because you kind of tend to ask the same questions over and over when you ask people here, then it slowly goes back to you asking about a male djinn that’s around you.

As a practitioner you also have to learn to do your own research.


Oh ok ;-; i still research about him sometimes and sometimes i try to learn…

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The “original” form of a djinn is said to be “smokeless fire”.


Have u worked with them before? If u have what was it like?

I haven’t worked with them before, but I’ve researched then in the past.

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Want to pm about it?

You should get the Asmodeus compendium. Its a whole book about him.

I have seen them in their original form because it was put on me. I was cursed with it for a couple of years. It was removed over time by the warlock that put it on me. It look very similar to the genie on the movie Aladdin’s Lamp. Half of it’s body was that of a snake and the top part of it’s body was human from the waste up. The facial features were always upset looking. It’s demeanor was always pissed off rude and ugly. It was almost parasitic in the way it attached itself to me. The tail would curl up sometimes and it would sit on top of its tail curled up like a coil. It came in pairs. This is what I experienced with it.