Jesus told me this

Back when I had my enlightening experience in the afterlife, I asked Jesus whether the path I am taking is fine for me to take.

He said that those who don’t know where to go can always follow the light. The ones who can navigate through the Abyss can feel free to do so. There is no evil.

What I got from that is that the universe isn’t black and white like that (like we all know anyway) and the abyss is our way to “become” our own gods rather than following existing ones.

And when I say “become”, what I really mean is that we are finally confident enough to embrace the fact that we are indeed gods in flesh.


I agree with this, in the sense that it’s thought that “following the light” is the way to get memory wiped and reincarnated. Going into the abyss avoids that and you retain your experiences and choose your own path.

Also I also agree there is no duality, no black and white. That’s is too easy, and a trick used by humans to control people through fear and ignorance.


Perfectly said :slight_smile:

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I’ve died several times and my experiences were similar. Which was really confusing to a child born and raised only knowing Mormonism.


This was likely an imposter and not Jesus. Jesus would tell you to be a Christian!

Why would he do that when Christianity wasn’t invented formally until hundreds of years after he died?
He never asked to be worshiped, he said “find the god within”.

The came back from India teaching how to get enlightenment. He didn’t give a name for his teachings as far as I know. Christianity as we know it is an evangelical religion not about enlightenment at all.

I look within, and this teaching feels right to me. I see no reason to call this an imposter based on dogmatic expectations from a manufactured and unoriginal religion.


I agree with this. I have always felt this way myself.


No, he wouldn’t. He’s literally quoted in the Bible as saying the Kingdom of God is within, and that everyone was capable of the same miracles he was. He was set up and killed because he taught that you don’t need a rabbi or a priest to find God, and that was deemed a threat to the power of the religious hierarchy.

As Mark Twain said, “If Christ were here now, there is one thing he would not be - a Christian.”


Sort of like how in Warhammer 40k, the god emperor of the imperium was a devote atheist who preferred people to put their faith in science. He openly denounced worship of him. Then he got nearly killed, spent 10000 years in a coma, and worship of him spread into a galaxy wide religion that’s 100x more dogmatic than the worst version of Christianity.

I’m sorry, I just wanted to say that.

I have considered a book where he does come back but becomes a Laveyan Satanist. Probably a stretch, so I decided against it.

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