Jesus Is Lord?

I know most of ya’all love being Badass Makikianzz wid dem Dagnezz an Demonzzz but newsflash …JESUS IS LORD . look what I found .come to Jesus LOLZ

Didn’t you just admit to being high?

And whats that got to do with anything. You mean I made Jezuz sad???

I know Jesus. No seriously,there’s a guy at my school who looks like Jesus.

Praise the Lord Jesus!..from school

No seriously IAO SABAOTH bless thee my daughter. Now go and sin no more

Jesus Loves Lady E… Jesus loves Koetting … Come to Jesus he be waiting with open arms

Mr Thesombra has been given 48 hour break from the rigours of logging in, in order to find his composure.

… And seems to have returned to his right mind a few hours later - so, the burden of posting, is once again upon him. :slight_smile:

He abuses it at his peril.