Jesus Christ

So I was raised personally with guardian angels. So I have super super good luck whe. It comes to life, so the stuff about sin is wrong?

What is wrong with you people? There’s nothing I enjoy more than a meal of cold, boiled Jesus. As every altar boy’s wet dream - Old Numb Nuts - once stated that ‘you can judge a tree by its fruits’, therefore 2000 years of Jesus should be more than enough for any healthy stomach. And remember that ‘the lord is my shepherd’ and like all good shepherds he’ll eventually lead you to the slaughterhouse because that’s what shepherds do.

‘Suffer the little children’. My word they do!



It breaks down to Immanuel. Both the real Christ who is Yeshua Ben Yusef and the spirit known to man as the Antichrist are the same.
The confusion of Christ in the Constantinian tribute to Christ within the pulpit and the pew is actually not even close to the Antichrist themselves, the Antichrist is Immanuel returned in divine consciousness seated in man that is only fed by absolute truth, the message of the messianic tradition has been shrouded in secrecy and obscured from plain view of mankind thus forcing this absolute truth to become occult.

Don’t pray. Go do a ritual with Jesus Christ. You’ll learn more from it. Praying is invoking though. You just have to realize Jesus Christ wants an offering just like any other spirit. Not much is free.

Which Jesus, white or black?

Here’s a experience I had with him where he explained himself to be a solar ascended master. I suppose you could use solar chants and stuff like this to align yourself to his energies.

You could always use something like …

" Jesus Master Of Light, Hear My call
Jesus He Who Ascended The Heights
Of The Sun, To Become The Sun.
O’Jesus Hear My Call, See My Signs
And Do Not Forsake Me, Come.

Healer and Saviour, I invoke thee
Jesus Come, Jesus Come
The Rebel and The Protector
I invoke thee, Jesus Come

May flights of angels, surround me
As you descend upon, come Jesus
Come from the heart of sun
Come from the palace of the masters
Enter my heart, enter my mind,
Enter my body, enter my soul
I invoke thee, I invoke thee
Fill my being with your presence
Fill my soul with your light
Plague my weakness with the fire of the sun
I invoke thee, I invoke thee".

That should suffice, light some incense which are attributed to the sun too.


Yehusua was black brother truth be told the first primordial being on this earth was black ,if you dont belive me do your research

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When I was doing my 7 day devotion to Lucifer, Jesus picture came to my mind so bright. I was confused. I don’t know if Jesus is saying I’m a hypocrite or Lucifer is Jesus. Every time I try to talk to Lucifer in my mind it was Jesus face will always appear in my mind. So I strongly believe LUCIFER aid JESUS in my own eyes.

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