Jesus Christ


One thing about Christianity is this business of converting everyone to it and banning other Gods. At best, It’s super insensitive usually much worse. Down right rude and obnoxious.


Yes but Polytheists will play the “My Gods are cooler than your Gods, my way is better than yours” game sometimes so we all have our dogmatic faults. 🤷


Yeah I guess so!


Yeah I almost replied to your other comment where you were not to fond of him. He did not come to enslave, he came to save people from the God they were following. I see him and Lucifer as the Same Team. They were both rebels, both taught empowerment and the power within, much more. One was Crucified and his Messiah twisted and perverted and one was Demonized.

I think of Jesus the fictional cop-oped based on a true life story of Yeshua who was an Essean, and studied in India and Egyptian Mystery schools that were started by Thoth son of Enki = Lucifer. Or so I have come to believe after 8 years of studying this stuff.

Opps Nevermind I now saw your other post so I see you have already discovered it also. It’s amazing to me how so much of what I am reading in this thread is what I have found on my own search and research.

I have spent so much time Defending Both Jesus and Lucifer. They are both the most misunderstood beings and maybe the same one or maybe Yeshua being Lucifer’s son. Still learning and searching.


I feel like I need to talk to you too. As I have been reading some of your posts I keep feeling like I need to know what this being knows.


My mother is a big fan of Jesus, but she also has a thing for the supernatural, might show this to her.


Also Mary is from the line of Coniah (Jechoniah) which is a bloodline of David’s that is forever cursed. Meaning this bloodline has no claim to the throne. So he can’t possibly be a melekh or a mashiach. It says it clearly in the Nevi’im (the Prophets). I’m a former Christian minister and a former practitioner of Orthodox Judaism. Spent many years in intensive study. Years ago I saw through the madness of the Bible (Tanakh and New Testament). So I quit religion.

I’ve actually thought about evoking Jesus (or Yeshua ben-Yoseph) to see whether what appears is an egregore or an actual ancient entity. Maybe what I’ll find is a human ghost. Has anyone here done this? My plan is, once I find out what Jesus is, to trap it inside a ring, a menorah, or a cross. Not sure which yet. It’s kind of an experiment I plan on doing.


Out of curiosity, why trap him?


@Joeboi ah mate I’ve got a song for you


I’m just curious why you haven’t done this yet?


I’m more curious why someone would even bother. The Christian God is known to be fickle, hateful, and all around evil.

His power is extremely Limited, he doesn’t really bestow any real gifts upon his followers as far as I can tell other than low-level prophesy, and maybe low-level healing, but if that’s the case, what’s the point seeing as how there’s very few people on The Forum that can’t do healing. It’s one of the first white magick things that you learn.

That’s not even counting the multiple ideas of what the Christian God is supposed to be all about, are you going to contact the god of the Presbyterians, the Catholics, the Presbyterians, the lutherans, or are you going to try and call David koresh?

In my personal opinion, I feel that it would be an errand which would be best suited for satisfying idle curiosity as opposed to actually continuing to ascend.

That’s my two cents, do what you will.


If that works for you then stick with it.


Pretty sure jesus was a jewish guy and would be sick to his stomach if he knew people were praying to him like a god.


true,he either didn’t exist at all,or he was just a man idk which theory is true


I can name you a few pagan deities who also fit that description


There are a few reasons underlying this hypothesis. The main reason is that I’m almost convinced that people are praying to an egregore built around the idea of a dead man that may or may have not existed. One thing I can say without a doubt is that how he is portrayed in the New Testament is definitely not the real story behind this. Another thing is true is that the Gospels are embellishments or an outright fabrication of what possibly happened. What comes to mind are the so-called prophecies that Jesus/Yeshua “fulfilled”.

A couple things could happen when he is evoked: 1. A human ghost appears 2. An egregore appears 3. An ancient entity or power appears 4. A deity appears. 5. Nothing at all appears.

I’m sure there might be more things that could be an option too but those are the ones off the top of my head. Another reason for thinking of this experiment is that I spent 12 dedicated years of my life in service to JC and it’s a way to put my understanding to the test. If I evoke him and it’s a thought form I had the idea to trap him for a talisman. Anything else, I’ll let it be. Not into threatening sentient beings etc.


Basically I just haven’t had time to. I’ve been going back to the basics and plugging myself into the Draconian current. I used to practice magick when I was a teenager but hit a roadblock and got discouraged. I few months ago I reconnected with the occult after a 20 year hiatus. So for me it’s about time and priority.


Jesus Christ is more of an entity in today’s society. It is a metaphor for the fluids in the Cerebellum.
Those fluids go down the spine into “hell”/Muladhara chakra and raise again into the brain.
There you have the birth, death and ressurection of Christ, wich went to hell according to the bible to liberate those in chains, etc.
Metaphors of how to get the body/mind in harmony.

So if one is a believer and is scared of him/her self, then staying in the mind and invocating the power of the entity of Jesus can help in a way. But take in mind that this is the greatest Curse of society, calling Christ as an external power will curse one further and creat blockages and getting stuck in the right hand path, in conclusion: The Mind.


I have made a similar claim in other threads. Jesus = Lucifer. At least according to the Freemasons.


It took me years to figure it out by the bread crumbs. But now it’s plain as day to me.