Jerry Alan Johnson

For those of you who dont know the author Im talking about, this man is an american who learnt real waidan and neidan qigong, Chinese FU talisman making, Christian mysticism and martial arts.

Unlike many other books that are easy to understand or phrased in a DIY or “Do as you read” manner…
His books on the subjects are like a history and Biology textbook.
I know that as an author, he knows his shit but…god damn I cant understand more than a few pages worth of what he’s saying

What are your own thoughts on this author’s work if you are familiar with him.

Also what parts of his works were most understandable for you?
Example: Unicorn Palm from his book Internal martial arts vol.1, Sound Projection from daoist talismans

Their good books…but have a few flaws that I find annoying
1.They often(ish) repeat themselves, you can find sections that are identical in different books.
2.Most incantations are translated into english. This would be ok, good even, if the original versions were included, as part of daoist magic is not only what is said in incantations but how its said. The vibrations of the original chinese do matter.
3. Their dry as the Sahara. It takes effort to trudge through them, so it would be more
appropriate to say you need to study them, rather than read them.
4. He mixes in material from non-daoist sources. I guess its understandable as it supports the daoist material fairly well, but you cant really call Jerry’s material “pure daoist sorcery” Its more eclectic in nature.

He just put a bunch of techniques together. no explanation or explanation or flow of context. He mix lots of stuff in it so it’s not pure energy training. he got sorcery, magick taoist, voodoo, etc… There’s no organization to it.

You can’t really learn from his books. He writes it in a way that you have to have energy practical background training already. Most of the techniques require you to have training already.

book is more information type instead of training type.

his medical qi gong book is more organized. As it’s used for school curriculum textbook in china. Of course it’s different purpose as it’s for healing and not martial arts.