Jerk cousin

Hi guys, I think it’s time to practice my black magic. My girlfriend has this cousin who asked her dad to get a huge loan from the bank so he can study. Now the bastard is living a very cool life, nothing great, but he has all the means to pay to my girlfriend’s dad, and he’s running away from the issue, he just doesn’t wanna pay, and he knows the bank is calling to her dad for the payments.

Maybe you guys can help me with some ideas to attack the bastard and make him pay his debt, some entity or some spell would be nice.

Thanks a lot.

You’ll need to know about curses in general, they’re pretty simple to cast. Koetting posted a very powerful one on his Facebook page… the ebook or baneful magick would be your first step

Are you talking about the last newsletter video? I don’t want to kill him though :stuck_out_tongue:

Look into compelling spells. If you don’t want the potential for harm do not curse.

The bastard sounds like he needs to die…after repaying the debt of course

I would kill him after he pay.

Compel him to pay, figure out his social security number, take out a life insurance policy, and after he pays back the debt make it worth your efforts.

Or, just figure out his social, take out life insurance on him, and when you get your money you can just give it to your girlfriend’s dad, and have something to reward yourself for your noble efforts.

Best of Luck,

Sorry to hear your trouble. This parasite needs to be taught a lesson. It happened to me once and it took me 6 months to get my money back. You could embarrass him by exposing his low life to the rest of his family members and friends. If that fails you could physically confront and damage him and make it clear that the debt needs to be paid. In my opinion magic should be kept to the very last and not used until all other methods have been exhausted and failed so in this way you can go into the magic with FULL MAGICAL INTENT this is important as the force you will manifest will create the desired outcome.

I disagree Sadie. While it is critical to use full intent during magick waiting until it is the last resort often leaves you in the position o needing a “miracle” to get the outcome you desire. Often if one makes the mundane effort to resolve this problem while using magick to stack the odds in his favor he has a higher likelihood of success rather than waiting until all options have been exhausted. If you meant Baneful Magick should be a last resort then I agree but magick in general can be used any time and in my experience the sooner the better.

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I meant Baneful magic my friend as it seems the writer was in need of such a course of action.

chicken feet

cant you work with Paimon who convinces people of things or makes them do things?

You can. My experiences with Paimon is that his energy is very forceful and dominating, if your dealing with a stubborn person this can sometimes cause them to react in the opposite way you wish. Dantalion can accomplish the same task but feels more subtle and persuasive.

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