Jehovah- rotten and mean as any

Jehovah- Yaweh- YHVH- YH. for the 30 ears I was an RHP’er Priest and Theologian… there is absolutely NOTHING Fluffy Bunny Nice Guy Godly about this one. It is sooo painfully clear that the “Old Testiment” writers— Claim Him as thier god- BUT HE most certainly does not give a shit for them, well- actually He Does… which is my point. it Took me along time to shred this guys name to find out just who and what he is.
Throw into this the “Anti-Biblers”, athists, LHPers, have nothing but loathing of the guy, but for the most part-- have zer0 clue as to who and what he is. And the LHPers, do not seem to want to in anyway legitimate him or give the OT any form of backing; and I am becoming more certain than ever the OT has huge validity- Just not in the ‘Be Save by the One True God read the bible’ gig.
Scratching through the millenia of bullshit guilding by writers rabbis and others- This Is by all means an underwolrd Deity every bit as venomous and vile as say- Ereshkigal— or [ fill in the blank ]
in short, He Is Enki, also known as EA; pronounced Yah, as in Yahweh. THE TRICKSTER GOD ! Were the "Seed of Abraham’ his chosen folk… yes, chosen as his e at least one "eternal pissing post and outhouse!!! Through ll the rewrites and rescensions of would be ‘holy writ and ‘apocryphal and pseudopigrapha’ writings, they have not been able to cleanse out all the evidence to support their “only one god and we are his only people”. Was it horrible that people would toss their firstborns down Molochs gullet ?? maybe- but we have at least one prophet who got Jehova message that it was HIM who "Commanded’ "His People to sacrifice their 1st born [aka kill burn and maybe even eat]. This is a Baneful diety.
The impotant thing- is how to get on Enki-EA’s good side so he does not wanna trick you into doing stupid shit, nor decide you get to be his target after he wakes up with a hangover after being drunk on blood all night!!! IF there was a Jesus- this was the guy he prayed to in gethsemane- sorry- not going to expect this guy to make the following hours be worth hanging around for. luckily that is IF.
So, now i am wondering if anyone here knows of any "works’ which address using Jehovah- to be on “My-our” side when calling down shitloads of well deserved wrath- I am scouring my Gesenius Hebrew chaldee lexicon- which not only has all the YH names and their various functions- war god etc. but also EL and Ba’al- inseparable dieties in the family. The very fact the diaspora tribes/scribes began wiping out Ba’al and replacing Yah/jah seems to be to me just a funny kiss as to hopefully gain his favor— which clearly it did not.

if anyone has any knowledge of works dealing with this deeper I would love to see something more intelligent and coherant than what i have been able to come up with.

I hungerly look forward to some great stuff.


So you say that EA aka Satan is Jehovah?

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Nope, not what I said. Satan is an invention by jewish priest from a semitic word which meant simply to accuse or oppose. in the Original Theology f the time… Jehovah- would send “Satan” to provide Testing and trying and Proving to see if those claiming to be “on Gods errand” were worthy of the job. Later, "satan’ was "re-tasked’ so to speak ot be an actually opposition to jehovah… after all, if a puny human thought he was on “jehovahs errand” and had his grand plans blown to shit… only an evil forc opposed to gods pan would do such thing! right? As for EA being Jehova I did say that, very easy to verify.

Also, just as an aside, Jerusalem; is not a jewish word- it is a Sumerian Proper Name. Respelled with a new phonetic system so the dull witted sheeple would not se that their "One and Only Deity’ was actually highjacked from their supposed “Evil Enemy”.


Groundbreaking stuff. So Satan is not real? All those wasted Sunday mornings?


As an Egregore- real enough; as a child I had some run ins with a being calling itself Satan… and or all intents and purposes sure as Hell was. I also have little doubts there may have been a spirit or spirits roaming around the galaxy ‘with a give’em hell attitude’ who when finding earth found a great role to play. but as or the commonly held and preached over the pulpit “Satan” the one who wanted to thwart the will and purposes of the one and only True God-- that has a pretty banal and easy to find timeline of invention.
Christians have a hissyshitfit over the mormons “Satan and Jesus are Brothers and El/ohiem is there Father” well it is anything but new- and anything but a mormon invention. Really old news.


The one true god Jehovah does not exist but demons do.

Perhaps after worshipping Baal for many centuries as there Lord or pagan god many of the Jewish faith decided to deify a created god of good intentions turning the pagen Baal into an adversary or devil for there own intent to pacify and control the population.

Two things: Jehovah is not the name of “God” of the Hebrews. It was a synthesis in the Masoretic translations from scribes who would combine YHVH with Adonai, Elohim and Shaddai in the Hebrew, as the Masoretic scribes were the ones who added the vowel points to Hebrew. This was around the 10th Century CE.
Second, Jerusalem is Yerushalim, Which means “City of the Dusk” unlike what many assume it to mean “City of Peace” as the common misconception was Jerusalem was often called Yerushalayim, stressing the points of Shalom. Shalim is the Canaanite deity of the Dusk, twin to Shachar, Dawn.

Study the Canaanite deities. I’lu, El in Hebrew. Meaning literally “God” as in El’Elyon which means “God most high”, stolen from the Ugaritic texts before the Torah was ever written.


I’m learning so much today. I may never leave these forums again.

Now, this is knowledge…who has understanding and an open heart should taste it!

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There’s no such thing as a Jehovah. The letter J is a recent invention.

IHVH isn’t a name, it’s a formula, like AGLA or IAO. Nobody explains this formula in public so almost nobody knows what it actually means (although many people use it).

Iod is a letter representing Iah, who is somehow related to Iao, aka Zeus in Greece.

HVH may be related to the Hebrew verb לִהְיוֹת (lihyot, meaning ‘to be’).

If IHVH was a word, it would be linguistically related to the future tense verb אֶהְיֶה (Ehye, or I will be). EHYE ASHER EHYE (I will be Ashur, I will be) was the name of G-d revealed to Moshe in Exodus 3:14, so to my way of thinking, Ehye is most likely a road of the Mesopotamian god Ashur.

However, the true formula for IHVH remains a mystery and i don’t have time to figure that out. Too complicated for me. I’ll leave it to someone else and continue on my way.


figure my notes and referances are buried after having to move everything. I will get back to this. asap

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Thought I’d chime in and say that for practical magick purposes, a distinction can be drawn between יהוה (IHVH or EE-AH-OH-EH) and אֶהְיֶה אֲשֶׁר אֶהְיֶה (EH-YEAH ASHER EH-YEAH) based on what sort of magick you’re doing.

To me at least, the tetragrammaton represents God as the Source of All, and I find that it works well when doing angel magick. I suppose you could call it the more “RHP” name, not in the sense that it’s fluffy-bunny-esque, but as a reminder that we are all fundamentally connected by the same Divine essence, and ultimately not separate beings.

The latter name, which means “I am that I am” or “I will be what I will be,” I consider to be an assertion of one’s own separate Godhood, a rejection of fate, and more fitting the mood of demonic work. It’s a reminder that we create our own realities separate of one another, and that I can have and do as I will within mine.

To be honest, I haven’t really seriously studied traditional Kabbalistic texts or philosophy, but this is the understanding that I have come to after practicing and experiencing magick, and I place a greater value on that anyways. In my opinion, practical magick’s the way to go. The more mystical stuff comes without looking for it.

You know what they say - look within, and you will find the universe.


I am using rca 2 in 1 cambio- and I cannot get this hideous thing to obey. I was going to send you the full file of this book, but i will just give you the details and it is a free pdf file and you should have no problem getting it.

pge 66 of the following book will explain where i am coming from.

University of Pennsylvania
The University Museum Publications of the
Babylonian Section
vol. xi no. 1

Lists of Personal Names from
The Temple School of Nippur

a syllabary of personal names
Edward Cheira

As this school existed Before the beginning of
Bible story and the "Jerusalem"  period,  I will stand by what I said.
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Oh sorry, I don’t read books. And I don’t believe in most books out there too. Except what I found out myself and from a sage or an enlightened one.


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Ok so this is not you saying just that? :in short, He Is Enki, also known as EA; pronounced Yah, as in Yahweh. THE TRICKSTER God ! EA,Lucifer,Samael,Satan has Enemies one of them is Jehova

I think the “J” happened when the germanic peoples brought the religion to the british isles. The german “J” is sounded the same as the Hebrew “Yod”. It’s the britons who started to sound the “J” as in “jump”.

Adonai means Lord, Shaddai means Mighty, Elohim means the High Ones, Elyon means A Place Most High. Could it be that El just means “Above”?

If IHVH was a word, it would be linguistically related to the future tense verb אֶהְיֶה ( Ehye , or I will be). EHYE ASHER EHYE (I will be Ashur, I will be) was the name of G-d revealed to Moshe in Exodus 3:14, so to my way of thinking, Ehye is most likely a road of the Mesopotamian god Ashur.

As far as I’ve read YHWH is the answer Moses got when he was talking to God and asked God who he is. The answer that came back was YHWH which means:

I Am that I Am

which means that God just “is”


There is no J in Hebrew. Therefore, any Hebrew word pronounced with a J is not accurate. Elohim doesn’t mean the high ones. It’s the plural from of the word Eloah. Eloah doesn’t mean the high one. It means the one and only “El” or God.

YHVH doesn’t mean “I am that I am”. This is not an accurate translation. YHVH is pronounced YAH’WAH or YAH’UAH. The first “H” pronounced very similar to the “KH” sound, but very soft. And there’s a short pause after that letter. The name or title means “the creator”. Can be found in the bible describing God : “YAHWAH ELOHIM”. The creator of Elohim or Gods. Because EL had many sons and daughters, also Gods and Goddesses, but he’s “The Father” and creator of all Gods.

At a later date, in Judaism, those Gods and Goddesses were replaced with Angels. And the word Elohim were used for Angels in the Hebrew bible.

No such thing as “EHYE ASHER EHYE” … the original sentence is AHYAH ASHERAH YAH. Asherah is a Goddess. The wife of the creator God, Yah or Yahuah. She was intentionally hidden in the bible by those false translations. And replaced by the “holy spirit”.


From the interlinear Torah, which you can read in greater detail here:

שְׁמוֹת 3:14.

In Hebrew: וַיֹּאמֶר אֱלֹהִים אֶל-מֹשֶׁה, אֶהְיֶה אֲשֶׁר אֶהְיֶה; וַיֹּאמֶר, כֹּה תֹאמַר לִבְנֵי יִשְׂרָאֵל, אֶהְיֶה, שְׁלָחַנִי אֲלֵיכֶם.

In Anglicized Hebrew: Uiamr (Alhim al-Moshe) Ahih Ashr Ahih, uiamr ke thamr lbeni Ishral, Ahih, shlchni alikm.

In English: And he is saying (Elohim to Moshe) I shall become who I am becoming, and He is saying, thus you shall say to the sons of Israel, I shall become, he sent me to you.’

It’s pretty plain to see Ehye is there, not IHVH.

I spell Ahih as Ehye, the 1st position future tense of the verb as given here. The English Kabbalist spelling AHIH (EHEIEH) is the same word spelled differently due to translation. Either way, it’s in the verse plain as day.

With that said…

…end of the day, take whatever it means to you and use it that way for your own paranormal investigation. Keep in mind Torah is allegory, not fact. For that reason, arguing finer points is kind of missing the point.

Also, Torah at the spiritual level is a NUMERICAL cipher, not a verbal one. It could very well be the verbal translation of Torah is a fool trap, or a mnemonic device used by Rabbis to find the words of power and occult formulas hidden in plain view in the text. In which case this entire argument is a waste of time to engage in.

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well that explains alot. ok then.

On the contrary. I found this discussion very enlightening. My upbringing was muslim so we were taught a lot of nonsense about the jews.