Jehova Lord of Parasites

Christians are obsessed with this idea of the great and powerful “Satan”.
Yes there have been several cases of “Demonic” possession where people go crazy and feral.
As an occultist for me to say these cases are bullshit is for me to take a lot of personal confessions on this forum to be bullshit.
So, objectively there must be some truth to these Christian/Catholic claims of the possessed.
They can’t lie all the time?can they?

My theory is that Christianity has created a Huge Tulpa fueled by Fear/Hatred/Jealousy/Insecurity thus forming the “Christian Satan”
Lord of the Slaves,
Shepherd over the Ignorant.

Please try to use the correct terms. What you are talking about is an egregore, not a tulpa.

The word “tulpa” is a Tibetan term, and it specifically refers to a physical being created from pure consciousness. It is as real as you and I, and can be seen or touched by anyone. It is NOT the same thing as a servitor, a thoughtform, or an egregore, and the terms are not interchangeable. It is on a far higher level, and Western occultism has no equivalent to it.

If you want to know the difference, I recommend you read Magic and Mystery in Tibet by Alexandera David-Neel, the book that brought the term into the Western New Age consciousness.


Thanks for that.
I will admit I’ve only heard the term “Tulpa”used very vaguely.

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Who’s to say how many “possessions” of the past were really issues with the mind: epilepsy, bi polar disorder, dissociative identity disorder, etc