Who would be my best option to help me deal with feelings of jealousy? I can feel easily jealous over a lot of things and I do not like it.

Archangel Michael can help with that.


Thank you

He may not necessarily be the “best option” of who to work with for that but he’ll probably have some general helpful advise.

Some folks may have other recommendations maybe if you can explain any more about why you feel jealous of things and how that is a problem or what you hope to do about/with those feelings so as to not have to continue feeling jealousy people can offer more help for that.

Do you find this to be an irrational kind of jealousy, or are there specific/legitimate reasons why you may want things you don’t have but other people do? Just that isn’t necessarily a problem, but if you find it to be overly distracting/unhelpful for focusing on what you do have than developing a meditation practice of gratitude for light, air and water could help.

Depends of what kind of spirit you wish to work with. My guess is any that generally helps with self-development or introspection. Those are the ones that can show you the root of the problem and the causes why you feel like that. Which can be a great kickstart into learning to face and deal with those feelings, or even getting rid of them eventually.

It took me years to really work through them and be rid of it, without spiritual tools or help (just a fine example of what not to do from a friend of mine). Hope the road ahead is a lot easier and faster for you ^^

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