Jay Shree Krishna

Happy Janmashtami to the BALG forum members!Today is the birthday of Lord Krishna,the most loved Hindu God,the most powerful avatar of Lord Vishnu,the oldest Psychotherapist and philosopher of the world,the complete man,the mother’s naughty child,the cowherd protector,a pranster,cunning warrior,legendary lover,an unparalleled mystic and yogi and the teacher of the true meaning of Dharma!!!

Absolutely the smartest,the most down to earth and the most practical of the Hindu Gods!!

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Thanks man… And same to you :slight_smile: we Hindus really enjoy this festival by flying kites… playing with colors… Breaking pots with butter etc… :smiley:

And there is a place in India known as “Nidhivan” where lord krishna visits every night. . No one is permitted to visit that place at night.

Once a man dared to stay there at night to see Krishna. The next day he became deaf and dumb

Hare Krishna!

I was looking for the meaning of this name Krishna on http://www.babynology.com/meaning-krishna-m30.html but got the information about Krishna Bahadur and Vishal Krishna. I wanted to know about Lord Krishna and searched on google but could not find anything I was looking for. I want to know more about Lord Krishna



The Bhagavad Gita is one of the most beautiful and inspiring calls to action, in a universe where all things are also in perfect unity. :heart:


lord krishna was surely a mystic warrior…a breed of humans rare for his times and even to this day