Jason Newcomb: Dialing In A Spirit's Wavelength


This month’s “Interview With A Magus” features the prolific author of several acclaimed books on magick, Jason Newcomb. He’s an expert on Sexual Sorcery, Hermeticism, and Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

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This is a particularly provocative conversation, as the two sorcerer-priests confer about:

  • The true nature of evocable spirits - are they constructs of our own human brain? Do they exist outside us on the astral plane independently? Or are they a class of intelligence beyond even that?

  • The profession of the Magus, and the differences between the Priest and Magician archetype - how important it is to understand your role, and why it enables you to move further along your journey down your individual path

  • Jason reveals that he’s heard compelling rumors about E.A.'s mysterious background from many people, and explores the fine details of this gossip (Is E.A. a Demonic Prince in a human’s body?)

  • The two magi discuss the relevance and irrelevance of using incense and other physical implements during ritual - Jason expounds on his theory of “tuning in” to a spirit’s wavelength in order to be more successful with evocation to visual appearance

  • Jason also shares the true story of his uninitiated wife clairvoyantly divining the symbols of Mercury accurately - without any previous knowledge of the magick planet - thus proving the transcendent nature of “spirits”

And A LOT more…

All in all, the discussion is a joy to behold, since both men are very experienced, and have achieved their own unique levels of success.

Perhaps these two have laid a foundation for working together again in the future. (Maybe a video program on the performance of the Abramelin Operation or Enochiana is in order)

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This is what I love - the diversity - intelligent questions - and the candor and exchange through the interviews, in particular this interview with Jason as with the others, is a very wonderful thing…

Keep up the awesome work - and I have to say I am looking forward to the next interview too with Psionics… all of these topics are dear to me - and I am sure to countless others.


Uncle Chuck loves BDSM… The Essence of Pan that echos through us all


I have to say it was a very thought provoking interview and it confirmed some thoughts I’ve had lately as well as made me question things about myself that until this interview I feel I’d completely overlooked. Really looking forward to catching Uncle Chuckies interview. I’ve been into psionics since I was in my early teens but never really got much in the way of what Charles Cosimano had to say on the subject. No doubt it’ll be an eye opener to finally hear from the guy who all my former colleagues spoke so highly of.


I have one word for this interview: Totallyfuckingawesome.


Half way through - this is 100% pure gold!


I hope you make this available for paypal payment in the future. Also the past interviews too as these all look pretty interesting. What you guys should do is sell dvd’s that have all the years interviews on them. That’d be awesome.


You know, I absolutely loved Jason’s answer to my question about what the job of the occultist is, and he said that our job is to give the knight the magick sword and send him on his way to slay the dragon.


It was a great conversation, insightful and very entertaining! I particularly enjoyed the part were Jason talks about a magician’s “true” expectations affecting the outcome of their work, and the discussion on the Law of Attraction. Personally, I think it’s BS as well. The only people who I’ve ever met who have attained any sort of wealth or success from the “Law of Attraction” are those who are either selling books, videos or CDs promoting the Law of Attraction. I live in the Hollywood area, and the entire city is just saturated with peddlers of the Law of Attraction. From observation and experience, the Law of Attraction simply places you in a positive/uplifted mindset or mood but it doesn’t manifest the object of your need or desire.