Jason Miller


So as some of you may have guessed I am a fan of Jason Miller. Along with EA, and Andrieh, Jason has been a huge influence on my magic. I was reading his blog today and thought he made some good points about planning. So I thought I would share it here.



I’m glad you brought Jason Miller up Orismen.I almost bought his book The Sorcerer’s Secrets the other day but bought a book on Enochian Majick instead as I am trying to find new ways of communicating with angels,and let’s face it there’s not a lot (if any) such books about the demonic tongue.

Is The Sorcerer’s Secrets a good book of JM,or is there a better choice?


I have 3 of his books and I am just getting into the Sorcerer’s Secrets. I like his writing style and his books are very down to Earth and practical.

He gives a lot of exercises that look like very basic stuff at first, but taking them further is a great way to learn a lot about magic.

if I were you I would start with Sorcerer’s Secrets then move on to Protection and Reversal Magic, then Financial Sorcery, the Advanced Planetary Magic.


Cool I’ll get The Sorcerer’s Secrets next paycheck!
It’s always the simple exercises that do the most amazing things it seems.
Can’t wait!


Funny you should bring him up, I was just re-reading The Sorcerer’s Secrets a few days ago. I was going through the three levels of consciousness and trying to evaluate where I needed to focus and grow more.

I had no idea he had a blog, thanks for the heads up!


Thanks for introducing me to another good Source(rer)!