Jason Miller

So as some of you may have guessed I am a fan of Jason Miller. Along with EA, and Andrieh, Jason has been a huge influence on my magic. I was reading his blog today and thought he made some good points about planning. So I thought I would share it here.


I’m glad you brought Jason Miller up Orismen.I almost bought his book The Sorcerer’s Secrets the other day but bought a book on Enochian Majick instead as I am trying to find new ways of communicating with angels,and let’s face it there’s not a lot (if any) such books about the demonic tongue.

Is The Sorcerer’s Secrets a good book of JM,or is there a better choice?

I have 3 of his books and I am just getting into the Sorcerer’s Secrets. I like his writing style and his books are very down to Earth and practical.

He gives a lot of exercises that look like very basic stuff at first, but taking them further is a great way to learn a lot about magic.

if I were you I would start with Sorcerer’s Secrets then move on to Protection and Reversal Magic, then Financial Sorcery, the Advanced Planetary Magic.

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Cool I’ll get The Sorcerer’s Secrets next paycheck!
It’s always the simple exercises that do the most amazing things it seems.
Can’t wait!

Funny you should bring him up, I was just re-reading The Sorcerer’s Secrets a few days ago. I was going through the three levels of consciousness and trying to evaluate where I needed to focus and grow more.

I had no idea he had a blog, thanks for the heads up!

Thanks for introducing me to another good Source(rer)!