Jason Miller

What is your opinion of him, How do you view his style of sorcery?


Jason is fantastic. He is very knowledgeable and skilled in a variety of currents. Quite similar to EA in that regard. Whereas EA puts a heavy emphasis on evocation, Jason Miller’s system uses aspects of everything he has been initiated into, including Hoodoo, Voudon, and Tibetan Tantric Sorcery, so there are a lot of washes, and herbs and such. His system is grey, with a lean towards RHP, but is very powerful and useful. His planetary seals are unmatched.

There are some older threads regarding his system if you try a search. I know a former member of this forum, TheWanderingFool, did some heavy work with his planetary seals, and had great things to say about them in a thread.

Jason also has a podcast called Down The Rabbit Hole (not sure if he still does though) that is available free on the net, and he has interviewed EA on it.

He is second only to EA in how much his work has aided in my Ascent. I hope to take his year long course in the future, along with EA’s bootcamp.


Great at magick, but sucks at politics, he is pretty left leaning, in pozzed New York

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Its still up he did a podcast with kurtis back in October.

Good stuff :+1:


His books are really good, and seems to know what is doing.
The Sorcerer’s Secrets: Strategies in Practical Magick is really a good book.