Has anyone else used jasmine incense?
How did it work for you?
I use sandalwood alot. Azazel seems to like it the most. But, I use frankincense, myrrh, and dragons blood often.
Just curious how Jasmine effects people. Both times it seemed to be soothing, and put me in a loving mood. Not necessarily a sexual loving mood. But just an overall very warm and loving mood.


[quote=“iratecaller”]I only use frankincense and myrrh here, and only in resin or essential oil form, never manufactured sticks or what have you.

I know there are a million correspondences regarding how this demon loves mint, that spirit loves the color yellow and that angel loves the scent of Chihuahua poop. To me it’s all too much. Respecting the spirit is all I bank on.

Honestly I think it’s more about what you like. By consistently pulling from a limited pallet of scents you create continuity within your practice.

If you like the scent, go for it. It’s your temple.

I tried rose essential oil once. Place smelled like an old ladies’ bathroom for two days.[/quote]
I liked jasmine. But sandalwood is my favorite.

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Dragons blood is my normal incense, never gone wrong with it yet. I remember reading that Jewish Dibbuk (Jewish demons essentially) had quite the fancy for Jasmine inscence, but I haven’t tested that out yet