Jar Spells

Considering creating a “jar” spell (basically, put magickal elements, items, words, ashes, etc.) in a jar and sealing it. The intent is to create a lasting magickal bond between whomever has the jar and whomever has (essentially) been put in the jar, allowing them some BDSM-level Master/slave control over the jarred person.

I’m curious as to the ideas others might have for elements or items to include in the jar and/or what needs to be done with the jar itself once the elements are inside. What rites or practices are done to prepare the jar, execute the jar, and/or dispel the jar?

I’m something of a Chaos Mage with no particular leaning toward a given faith or path. I’m mainly LHP ecclectic with interest in demonolatry (mainly Lucifer, Marbas, Raum, and, newly, Asmodeus).

Any thoughts for the discussion are welcome! :slight_smile: