Jar spell for new job

So I know this probably has been covered but I’ve not found any luck finding it through search so I’m going to keep it short. I am looking for a jar spell to help me change careers so I can make more money and give my family a better life. Don’t guess it has to be a jar spell, I honestly just feel drawn to do one. If anyone has any how-to’s or links to where it it was covered it would be greatly appreciated. Again sorry for asking something that probably has been covered, my luck just sucks this morning lol.

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Look at my recent post on hoodoo herbs. I have not heard of jar spells for job but you can try visualization techniques or try some hoodoo spells for job. Carry some hoodoo success herbs with you.

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Here’s a good tutorial I came across and I just like her channel in general.

It’s my understanding the idea is to keep prosperity flowing to you every time you shake the jar but the specifics of how it gets there could vary


I’ll look into it, thank you.

Awesome, thank you. At work atm so will watch when I get home.

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