Japanese Gods/demons/yokai

I’m wondering if anybody has worked with or knows how to work with Shinto spirits. Like Raijin and his Raiju or Fujin? I dont see much on them here


I’ve met a few Shinto Gods along with their yokai.

Do you know if it’s possible to BE one of Raijins Raiju pets/the thunder beasts? I’ve seen stories of people being reborn as Incubi or Succubi so I was wondering if it was possible to become a Raiju as well

Yes it’s possible to be one of his creations reincarnated and it’s also possible for a God to transmute the soul of a person into their creations if they choose to.

That’s awesome!

Raijin or Sugawara Michizane? The latter is also a deity of thunder, as well as of literature.

A Japanese occultist called Asano Wasaburou is said to have evoked more than 300 Japanese spirits during his life, among them only one or two didn’t respond, and Sugawara is one of the two.

Most of Asano’s works were published during WW II, so may be difficult to find today. Next time I visit Japan, I may have a try though…