IZM (stop jacking off loser) - Secrets to female attraction

“My sobriety been more faithful to me than these hoes” - Royce Da 5’9

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Didn’t read the whole topic but I do 100% relate. Imo the first thing to do when starting Magick is fixing all those auto-destructive habits like semen wastage and any form of addiction… at least that’s what I’m doing and the whole reality shifts by itself. By culminating and transmuting sexual energy , it is imo the first inevitable step for ascension (spiritual and material).

It is so beyond than just female attraction, even guys give you more respect your boss feels you’re worthy for promotions and etc…


Actually, I have zero sexual energy or interest these days, and plan to use my creative energy on other things … will keep your post in mind however.

You guys are awesome. I’m jealous of nofappers to the nth degree because it’s not something I can physically do. I have a cist and it’s really painful if the errr… pressure builds up for very long lmao.
I’d like to get to the Taoist level of releasing once a week though instead of every 3 or so days

I agree with this to an extend but I also disagree with the black and white statement that could be read into this.
Give up all the fun, become a working machine and then get burned out by the time you hit 40. It happens a lot.
Why not strife for balance in these matters? Sure, get in there, get the work done, discipline, all of that stuff.
But also dont eradicate fun and ambition while doing so. Afterall a “mission” that someone forms is based around their preferences, around stuff that entices them; loosely: fun.
In fact I believe that if you manage to strike a balance here you are not only happier but also more productive precisely because you enjoy what youre doing.

Go in to details I’m interested