Has anyone done some serious work with her? I have found next to nothing too much on anyone working with her seriously and while i want to work with her, i was hoping to get some more info on her first.

Obviously as ill work with her ill learn more but its always hard to work with a spirit and go in almost completely blind. What I did find is the same reused information abt her origins.

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She’s a primordial goddess of creation and death, she in a way rules the Shinto underworld, though I wouldn’t go in that underworld.

im aware of yomi, what ive found abt it, it sounds very beautiful and dark :slight_smile:

The one time I did project there some of the entities tried to keep me there but I made sure to re-absorb my projection prior to stopping projecting lol.

yea- they can be pretty violent., i know how violent japanese spirits can be.

when i first started on my path, i was attacked in Aokigahara. When ive worked with inari (working on becoming a kitsune), some spirits got up close and personal lol.

Today, I was working with Izanami in an ice meditation and a female ice yokai came up and grabbed my arm. Felt it getting frostbite a bit till i pulled out.

It just sucks that theres so little information out there on working with her, yk?


I “worked” with Inari myself, took a friend to her who was devoted to her, she did a soul transmutation on him and made him a kitsune, he just had to stop doing energy work for a few days while his energy body adjusted to it lol. It was pretty cool to watch and scan him after. I also made friends with some of Inari’s direct sons/children.

for me, im mostly trying to grow nine tails and achieve that high level of power more than soul transmutation.

Izanami has been trying to help me make it dark but its hard to know how she works without anything there.

Ive searched everywhere i can think of but it seems like shes been forgotten besides people resharing her story.

That’s actually still soul transmutation lol. Becoming a kitsune he started with 1 tail, this was years ago. He has 9 as he worked on them and with Inari.

As for izanami I think it’s largely because of her being bound to Yomi she was “demonized” and left out for the most part.

oh is it? ngl ok

and i agree shes been very demonized. A lot of yokai are given a bad rep (even spirits i work with told me not to trust them and that they avoid them at all cost). I dont see how shes any worse than demons people work with everyday.

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A lot of people are disgusted by her from my research and i just dont understand it. when i called, she was very loving and kind…

shes probably not been called for a while (i assume) since ive looked on mutiple forums and what i have found on her isnt good

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also any idea how long it took for your friend to get all 9 tails? im in no rush ofc but i wasnt too sure how long it took for humans (as theres very little on this online 2)

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Well he and I have known each other for over 7years and practiced a lot together in energy work as well as projection practice, though he could of most likely practiced on the time we didn’t practice together.

so aroundish +7yrs is doable. thats not that bad.

i’ll do some more research on it, ty

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Any specific reason?

Also I really hope this thread will continue, even though its 7 months old. Its hard to find the information about working with this goddess. I can’t find a grimmoire/article for working her spiritually/magickally at all. What can she give/teach humans? And what benefits do we gain from working with her? And to those who can answer these questions, thank you.

Because in the mythology the Shinto underworld is said to be a depressing shadowy place that doesn’t change no matter the actions of the individual in their life, to eat of anything in Yomi you are unable to leave it. Yomi is seen as a polluted land. There are various yokai there that also will try and keep you from leaving, such as the Shikome.

But then again I think Naraka is worse lol

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