Ive had a STRONG pull towards Azazel

Hello everyone. I recently joined the forum lately because ive been following E.A. on youtube. Ive mentioned in another post about my background. Ive been doing some research on different demons…and i have had an issue trying to find who would be a good teacher…but all day today ive felt as if a spirit has been with me. Watching me. Almost just observing my actions…but i can NOT get my mind off of Azazel. I personally feel hes wanting me to speak with him. Strangely enough i can find multiple incantations/mantras to invoke him, but havent seen anything about evoking him. I saw in another thread that others said he just appeared to him. Just curious tho if an evocation would help and if so, what are the steps i need to take to do so?
Thank you in advance for your advice. Also if this doesnt belong as a new topic, i apologize

There is plenty of information on this forum regarding evoking Azazel.

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@DarkestKnight thank you. Ill look more in depth

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Evoking Azazel is no different from evoking any spirit. There is more than one way to accomplish it so find a method that appeals to you and give it a go.

The simplest method is to just open his seal and call him forth. I recommend EA’s The Book of Azazel for more information.