I've found this Sigil

Sirius Star.

do you have a sigil for Polaris star?

found it!!!

Hey that’s interesting, I thought it reminded me of the symbol on the Fire Talisman from the Mystical Grimoire. But having checked it I now see that that is a samech in the Malachim alphabet.

May I ask for what type of working you would use one of these celestial sigils?

In my case: as I have discovered, each and everyone of us have a secret spiritual name an identity only you are supposed to know, a name you can not ever reveal to anyone else, once you discovered it. so to speak that name is hidden in the darkness beyond the stars, and each and everyone of us is guided by a star, which is closer to that name than us, so if you discover what star is “proyecting” you, you can access to your name faster and a more easy way, if it is not revealed to you yet.
I know my name and my star, but I know someone who doesn’t know his name, but his star is polaris, so I think that if he maybe work on the sigil, maybe he can acces the information of his spiritual identity, and faster than another method.


That is absolutely fascinating.

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How do you figure out what star is protecting/link to you?

since you are “linked” to that star you can receive this information directly from the star itself, if you start having the question in mind, the name will get to you, but you firstly need to have meet the name of the star in some way or another, so investigating names of stars will be good, if the name does not come to you, keep investigating star names, sooner or later you will get your answer.
if you can not recognize for example if the name of the star you get is your own imagination or the actual name, although most of the time the name will just fall to you and you’ll be certain about it, you can ask Goddess Hecate to confirm the info for you and to be certain (I recommend you in that case, you also seek the advice of Urania), but this hardly happens.
most of the time you will be certain, you can even sometimes get the name of the star of someone you have a strong and deep connection with (is like you have well constructed bridge with this person and this person to his/her star, so you might also get the info from bridge to bridge).
so you can also sometimes help someone else to find his/her linked star.

Thank you i needed that :slightly_smiling_face: Sirius is very dear to me. I`m also drawn to Aldebaran and Rigel.