I've dreamt of evoking Lucifer

I wanted to share a strange dream that I’ve just had tonight (I woke up five minutes ago and I remember it clearly).
So, yesterday night (3.00/3.20am?) I meditated before going to sleep with this video - YouTube
and then, well, I fell asleep and I had this dream;
I was in my house, alone, the lights were on. If I remember correctly, I already knew what to do for the evocation (cut off a demon’s head and put it on a silver plate/tray), so I headed to the bathroom, and I evoked a demon (tall, pale and greyish skin, horned, with black wings). He was crying, so I…I suddenly tried to help him, I know it seems stupid but I hugged him.
Then he tried to eat me (I was so freaking scared) and I cut his head with a knife. At the end, I put his head on the plate/tray and…I don’t remember anymore.

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Are you having fears bout evoking maybe or doubts about doing so? That might be what manifested as a result.

I’m not, at least, not now. I was very insecure about it in the past, but then I rationalized and overcame my fears, and I’m not scared at all

So, you summoned a spirit and it looked distressed, but when you tried to help it, it tried to eat you. So you ended up killing it and having its head on a plate. Well, that could be a metaphor or something I guess… But I’m not sure for what…


it’s confusing, I know…