I've designed a two couple breakup/get together spell curse thing; feedback welcome!

Hello all!

Short story long: a friend is having an affair where both parties are married. Both her and the affair partner (AP) want to be together (and all my divination points to the same for both) however they are hesitant to leave their relationships due to the obvious repercussions when they eventually shack up together. Obviously the right thing to do would be honest with their existing partners each, but hey, morals, life, kids etc. It’s not my place to judge.
She has requested a bit of magic help to push the whole situation in the right direction.

Inside my local butcher my ears started ringing and I was hit with a wave of inspiration. Then I spotted a pair of lamb hearts… Perfect.

What I plan do;
Take the first heart, and scribe the names of the first couple, his on the left, hers on the right side. Repeating with the names of the second couple on the second heart.
At this point I will cut away the partners to be broken up with, and sew my friend and her AP together to form a whole heart, focusing on the intent during each step of course.

This is where I’m not exactly sure what to do next & would love feedback!
To deploy this, would you place the new heart in a box and bury it(if so, where)? Burn it?
Would you leave the two hearts as whole pieces?

I’m leaning towards placing the whole heart and the cut off pieces into a box and placing it into a fire, but I’m also kind of feeling like I should leave the hearts as one piece (without cutting off the other partners before seeing and deploying).
I’m open to suggestions!


The hearts to bind are to be buried in a green spot to flourish.u that,but yo break up get another heart,not matter wat, it should be be in xementary.but take months to bind weeks.


Would burying the new heart cause the breakdown of the relationship since it will eventually “breakdown” and rot? Or as Zorrito suggested, burying it in a way for the spot to flourish?

Have you considered using a spirit to break up the couples & bring the two together?

I was thinking if I plant the heart in a garden with a tree or plant over the top to encourage their love to grow.

Then take the other two hearts, and bury them in a cemetery to rot and show the death of their relationships.

Always open on suggestions for the right spirit!

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