I've been seeing the number 11 and it's annoying me!

Before you comment, yes I’ve used the holy sacred search function but didn’t find my answer

it’s been 3 or 4 weeks when it started and now it’s really really annoying me, i see it everytime in everywhere, i searched for it’s meaning but the new age numerology didn’t convince me, so what does that fucking number mean ?? does an angel/spirit guide/some-fucking-entity really have a message for me or he just trolling me ?, hope i found the answer :slight_smile:


11:11 mean’s Da’ath,
And is worked with at own risk.
It’s the Heart chakra,
and on the tree of Sephiroth also the chambers of Death and Life.

Look into Kabbala / Quabbala,

also note, that coincidence can be pushing in your path, as you continue to be drawn to such forbidden Energy.

11 also reads as ll , which can mean 2, to double, or twin towers. (Had a lot of fun reseurching those.^^)

Not the Answer’s you looked for, right?




Call it new age or not. Since ending of the Maya calendar consciousness is on a higher level.
This in combination with Magick means that synchronization is happening more often to people.

In Magick it’s synchronization with Angels or Daemons.

1111 means that your thoughts easier manifest. So pay attention to your thoughts and desires when you see this.
Speak it out loud or think about it.

11 means manifest your thoughts and it says something about your person. You could be a creative person that easily can get addicted.

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1111 also means activation. You can see it as a trigger for ascension.


I’ve been seeing 111, 222, 333, 444, 404, 555, 1111 and 1212 for almost two months now


11 is also one of Lilith’s Numbers.


Hmmm… good to know! I haven’t evoked her but she has been on my mind awhile now, and I’ve seen 11 (and 44 and 26, too) everywhere moreso than I already have been. Is it too farfetched to believe that Lilith is sending me some sort of message?

It’s the Magician standing outside of the ten Sefirot. Like Crowley, I ascribe it to the lhp. My chanting beads are based on three sets of eleven beads - for what that’s worth.



I see 36 a lot. A few other numbers too. I don’t really think it means much.

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I’ve had OCD experience with the numbers 4 8 and 6…4 meaning death in eastern culture 8 meaning infinitive life and 6 being the number of the beast 666…

I kept seeing 4 every where and same with 8 for the longest time…

When I’m charging my phone I always notice it at 66 percent or 69 haha


That’s a good sequence, for the most part. The 404 is a little weird (dead webpage lol?) but otherwise, you should take that as a sign of being on the right track.


Lmao a dead webpage. I have no idea what it means but I believe I’m on the right track. The closer I get to my birthday, the more it slows down

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Nope, 404 or 414, or 616, 1616 do have meaning. I’ll come back on it. 2 numbers are resonating that means that the meaning of one number combines with the number of another number.

Just an example
636 = 2 times 6 is materialism, focus on spirituality.

3 = Connection with universe and ascended masters so you are on te right way

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Then what’s 404?

What about 11:21, that’s the only one I ever see?

404 means that you done a lot of work to come where you are now. You’re fulfilling your soul purpuse in your spiritual work and in life.

Angels or Daemons support you fully.

That is the most accurate thing I have seen

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Hi @DirtyHippie, i was quite busy. But if you still see this. Get rid of old habbits because they don’t work for you anymore. Break old habbits and make a change it will help you a lot in your spiritual path. Doing this gets more Spiritual beings on your path that guide you.

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@Ravens_Keeper, 111, 1111 is double of number 11. Time to manifest with making wishes (things you want to achieve). If you do this in a positive way things manifest quite easily. It will go with ups and downs. Bur the ups are far more powerful.

You are groing at this moment spiritual this is what 333 tells me. Divine source and spiritual beings 444 are often with you on your path’

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