I've been listening to this angelic mantra. Any tips?

I started listening last night in my sleep :sleeping: but I just wanted to know how exactly to listen to it and a more elaborate explanation of what the mantra does.

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The mantra was given to a member of this forum by the spirit Meton, who knows the tongue of the angels.

What the mantra does is call in angelic energy that stimulates the “astral senses,” aka your natural clairvoyance and clairaudience.

I have found it more effective if you chant it yourself, rather than listen to it.


Ohh I guess I can try chanting it myself. I just thought it’d be more efficient to listen :grin:.

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In my experience, most mantras are more efficient when you chant them yourself. However, you can have success with meditating to them as well, though ti tends to be slower in manifesting results, or at least it does with me.

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It’s just a mouth full lol :rofl:

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It actually has a sing song quality to it that makes it flow quite nicely once you get a good rhythm going.

It’s up to you on how you want to use the mantra. I will sometimes meditate to Satania’s audio version, and have even fallen asleep to it, but I find their attempt to make it sound sonorous and heavy and “dark” ruins its natural flow. I’ve had much more success with chanting it myself and I find doing so very pleasant.

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I’ll try it otherwise I will use a deity’s seal and request via sigil gazing

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One thing that might help the development of your senses is to chant the mantra before doing any astral work. I like to do it before working in vision/pathworking or scrying, for example. That way it not only stimulates your senses but lets you use them as well.

I honestly don’t understand what the hold up is. Kali Ma and I were supposed to be working on this together and nothing has happened.

Perhaps there is a blockage that needs to be ironed out.

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Precisely! What blockage though and how do I rid of it?

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The only way to overcome any sort of energetic block is to dissolve it through energy work which stimulates the energy bodies. For your senses, this would mean stimulating and using them, like I suggested. It can also mean taking up an energy practice like yoga or qi gong, which helps your energy flow more freely and strongly.

Oof :sweat_smile: … Alright. The only issue with energy work is I don’t know the difference between real results and imagination and that’s going to piss me off after a while

It all comes with practice, man. Sometimes you don’t feel anything in the beginning because stimulation of the energy bodies takes time to reach a point of full movement.

Record yourself chanting it as an MP3 and play it on loop - best of both worlds. :+1:

Cheap MP3 recorders exist and I believe there are sites which record a phone call as MP3, then you can just download it. I like VLC media player for the playback, because it has the function to loop any recording between 2 chosen points, and that saves you having to edit any homemade stuff, at least until you know you want to keep a polished version of it.

It will also add effects like reverb, for a more professsional feel, and allow you to change the pitch of your recording, which would otherwise need studio software.


Don’t you think Kali Ma would be upset if I began using all of these other methods instead of allowing her to help me? I know we aren’t really getting anywhere but I still don’t want to upset her.

No, because didn’t you say you were supposed to be working with her on it too? She’s not going to do all the work so the more you can do, the more she will kick in to help.

In EA’s mastering evocation course, for example, he uses three different spirits to help develop the student’s senses, Sastan, a spirit from Kingdoms of Flame, the elemental king of Air Paralda, and finally Mepsitahl. However, the spirits don’t do all the work, the student also has to practice the necessary skills, like scrying, in order to further the development.


I actually did! I stated it in this conversation and I stated it in a later post. Also how do I know whether the energy work is just in my head or not? How do I know the difference between imagination and whether the energy work is real? I want real results not schizophrenia.

I told you. Practice. It’s like working in vision aka pathworking, which uses the imagination as a bridge to spirit communication. In the beginning, it feels like you are just pretending, like you are making it up in your head, but the more you do it, the more real it becomes, until suddenly you can no longer deny its reality.

Have you read any of Robert Bruce’s stuff? His book Energy Work explains it best, and his technique of tactile imaging can be very helpful in learning to tell the difference.

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Nope I haven’t read any of his books :books:. How does one begin “energy work” also is this a method you used? If not please provide me ALL the methods you used if you can and or would like to