I've Awoken my Kundalini and it fucked me

Can you fully awaken while on anti-psychotic meds, real mages answer

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Fully awaken, my interpretation for that may be different to yours. Although I will tell you this certain substances act as gateways to awakenings, while specific substances like DMT, Psilocybin and such are shamanic entheogenic gateways to awakenings.

Yet there are other substances that also act as gateways, even the bad ones too.
So its fairly possible yes that you had some sort of awakening, although I fail to see how this connects to kundalini rising.

Once the kunda forces rises then there’s an awakening or a upgrade of the self if you will, I believe its possible you entered into a trance state wherein to you it is a personal awakening. Your eyes opening with a different perception, clarity, belief etc, this can all create the sense of a personal awakening.

Although anti-psychotic meds wouldn’t raise kundalini, so perhaps you misinterpreting a spiritual and psychic awakening with a kundalini rising.


When i say awoken i do mean kundalini rising, colors went insane, time dilation is insane, all sober, just awake for super long, heavily fasted because i kept hearing lilith tell me not to eat anything, and i went mad, like complete madness probably because i couldn’t surrender and wanted to control everything and everybody. I could hear peoples voices and they were so not what they were thinking. In that madness i had to go to a psych ward and now my life reset, but i remember being able to hear all demons, every single one just by looking and thinking King Paimon Belial Lucifer all them

Im asking if the meds numb me out and prevent kundalini rising

if they don’t that’s fuckng great

Since the kundalini is the sexual energy of the body, I would say no, anti-psychotic meds will not prevent the energy from rising. However, they may shut down, or at least temporarily block, any enhanced perception you would gain when the energy enters the brain.


kundalini is a very intense thing and basically makes you manifest things immediately, and makes you feel god-like.

The easiest way to awaken it is thru having someone else awaken it for you, a shaktipat guru.

But you have to be very balanced, because it will turn your life upside down very fast, you will change your life immediately and start moving forward towards things you want.

Be very careful with kundalini, it is no joke.


yea, see this is what i mean. Kundalini is no joke, it isn’t some joke to awaken it. It will give you intense psychic powers and pretty much none of us are ready for that shit. The only safe way is to awaken it thru a guru, and that way the guru can give you guidence. Doing it on your own is just insanity.

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what has happened exactly? I have been through Kundalini psychosis

I concur. Though it may also be an unbalanced kundalini awakening, which can often lead to psychosis. Gopi Krishna wrote about the fact, that psych wards are full of people in whom the serpent power arose in an unbalanced or pathological fashion.

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i guess you are right in that sense, I crave and long for that feeling. it was as if all my magic that previously failed worked in that moment. time went by so fast it was unreal, couldn’t even drive my car

i now know my lifes purpose, what i’m meant to do, who I am going to become, but in this state I am in right now it’s just not the same, i had all the answers…

I was in control for the majority the time,( can you guess where i awoke my kundalini? it was at work) and guess what fucking happened… I got “terminated” at work, and that’s what really sent me down because i guess i did the one thing I wasn’t supposed to do (fall back into old ways) and it really sent me down the worst psychosis, every mistake royally fucked me harder and harder, it was a lot to handle