It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year!

April 19th is upon us. Otherwise known as Good Friday.

Why should you give a shit?

In folk magic traditions, curses are more potent and God turns his back on the world on that day.So, if you believe in God, you’d be cursing up a storm.

Even if you don’t buy into the Good Friday Curse thing or God,
it has some long standing power of belief to tap in to it.

Enjoy Good Friday cursing.

Always a good day for a curse or two(or three).

As a good friend and I always used to say, “Cursing is fundamental.”

So if you are scared of backlash(which is doubtful if you are on this forum),
Good Friday is the best day to get your feet wet.

Happy Cursing! :wink:



If this information is accurate, it gives me ideas to counter The All backlashing at me, seeing how God is The All.

I’ve been feeling pulled to curse the last 3 days. Interesting, but I wonder if it’s accurate?


All I know, is my friend and I always use this day and have had great results.
Not sure if you curse on Good Friday.

Ask someone else about backlash from cursing. I haven’t had much of that , if at all.

Sorry. Hopefully someone on this forum will chime in.

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Not backlash from curses. It’s something about me having control over The All, and it backlashing at me whenever I have more control over it.

Literally reality backlashing at me for being at peace.


Give it a try and see what happens.:wink:

Let us know!

Time to prepare then :smiling_imp::smiling_imp:


Now that is disturbing.

My method is ridiculous and probably isn’t the best idea. All I can do is share it.
Some more traditional and less hoodoo/folk magic people will chime in.

I cuss at the Universe, God, The Saints, The Ancestors any Spirit that is annoying me(especially when things are moved around in the house). And I mean let the profanity rip.

Some might say it is dangerous. Not sure how it works with demons and I wouldn’t go there with them.

That’s what I do.

Don’t try it unless you have daily protection in place.

I am sure these entities just laugh at my ass and give me a break.
Meaning it’s not my all powerful badassery.
They are amused and cut it out or make whatever it is stop.

As far as as some entity or force being pissed that you have control over the all, I’d try cussing it out. Have you done anything else to make it go away? In my opinion " cussing " something out is kind of like a form of chaos magick. It is spontaneous and off the cuff(not traditional definition is there is one).

And some serious spiritual cleansing around your domicile and on you surely wouldn’t hurt.

I’d just twist The All directly. Instead of scorning it or cursing it, I’d simply change it. The idea of spiting creation itself… well… I’m not suicidal. It will be interesting though.

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I just don’t give a shit.

You are wise.

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I’m just pragmatic is all.

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Oh how perfect, i have a few jesus freaks that need nailed to a stick.


Me too :joy:


I was looking for a blank notebook last night and I found one from two years ago.
Perfect timing to find because I started it two days before Good Friday.

This is what I wrote on the inside cover :

"I’m making a list and checking it twice.Gonna find out who gets maggots or lice.
Karma-free Curse Day is here!"

I also found a brown petition paper and some pretty elaborate sigils I forgot about(did I really draw these?)

Just need to narrow down the list. So little time, so many to curse.

Happy Cursing! :blush:


I have list on which is 7 people right now so :joy::joy::woman_shrugging:t2: exactly so little time :joy:


@Anziel_Merkaba, I was just thinking of your situation and how you phrased it.
A very interesting and unfamiliar my world.

If you don’t mind, let me know how you solve the issue at hand.

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But that’s generally Venus. Pink Moon. Seem to be chill energies that day.

Also, tomorrow is full moon in Libra. These energies bring justice. So be careful.


Gonna get some Justice on the universe for it’s shit.


So what curses are people going to do?

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