It's over DOES NOT mean the end of magic

OK, “its over”, simply means I am no longer perfectly (or very close to")possessed byl, the first and last of us.He was testing me and boy was that monstrously confusing. somehow I passed.All magic comes from within. I’m beginning to see how I can write the Magic of 3 in an easy way I.e. plain English.
I recently saw a comment that I was just spamming the forum with nonsense to get ATTN for my channel.
Open your eyes.I deleted my videos to show that’s not the case but then I was shown fuck that.I’m not gonna let anyone stop this being finally been known properly
There’s a new playlist called 'Lucifer Rising’
Listen to it, he is the creator of music and when you finally realize this,… Things will change. There is no hell accept the ones we make for ourselves.
Believe or not.Trust me I don’t want to post this.He insists.Growing exponentially powerful is incredible. All magic works once u believe.Him and I just want to advance it with EA,who’s already been lkn into the ancient secrets. With or without you… It’s Over

This guy is either retarded or just a bad troll.

Don’t take this the wrong way but, if it was over why would we need you to tell us that? If you aren’t begging for attention then why post this claiming you’re not, there’s really no need for it. If you wanna advertise your work then do something relevant and let your work speak for itself rather than wasting our (and your own) time by cramming up the forum.


Your wish is my command so
Cya, enjoy ur bubble.

Fuck, I love banning the retards exposing themselves lately. Is it something in the air, or what? It’s…It’s beautiful…!

Disproportionate amounts of larping and fuckery lately. Repel the forum fuckery giants with the mighty ban hammer!

It will be a purer and cleaner forum ere my hammer rests!

Going to quote my own bad self, and lock this thread:

[quote=“Lady Eva, post:2, topic:7486”]So, you and E.A. have a special bond, and all the other people who like and support his work, especially Timothy, aren’t good enough for him?

Man… if I had a £1 coin for every time I’ve heard that from someone on here (though to be fair, most people keep it to PM and e-mail)…

Anyway, ante up with your new ideas, maybe they’ll rock, but know that you’re not impressing me, at least, with the negative and vainglorious claims made in the rest of your post.

Talk is cheap, big words and grandiosity are easy - bring something we can use to the table, and you’ll get the respect you deserve based on that. ;)[/quote]

Something in the air… US elections, EU shenanigans, Muslim invaders, and all that, I think?

Oh, the joys! :slight_smile: