Its okay if you don’t see any movement

hi friends! i watched this video about movement today and i thought i should share it with everyone.

if you don’t want to watch the video then to make it a long story short- when you do spells you want the RESULT and movement doesn’t matter. not everyone will receive clear as day signs that their spells are working. some people will, some people won’t. if you do a spell to bring back your love, don’t get discouraged if you don’t see the same results as another person. she also talks about how sometimes things will be dead silent and then boom the person basically drops out of the sky.

(BTW i have never worked with this witch nor have i performed any of the spells she has posted but i enjoy her videos so far and her spells seem pretty legit along with her advice so i just thought i’d share)

TRUST YOURSELF! TRUST YOUR MAGIC! TRUST THE SPELL CASTER YOU HIRED! faith, trust, and lots of patience! :black_heart:


She is a real good witch she gets things done in whatever way she can Its hard to contact since she has so many clients but you can make an appointment with her for a another day

I have been watching her videos and i can say she is powerful

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Just what I needed to hear today, perfect timing
Thank you :innocent:


ofc!!! pm if you need to vent or just want to chat🖤