"It's not the ritual, it's you" by EA

I am new to magick. And was wondering how can we become powerful? As the title says “It’s not the ritual, it’s you”. What does this mean? What do we need to do/accomplish in order to yield great results from even the simplest of rituals?


I want to encourage you embrace the concept that the magic and power are all extensions of your own god like power, your true self and spiritual being.
That the magic and power about you is a form of you manipulating and affecting the fabric of this construct.
One can achieve this when you intentionally reject the perceptions mankind has been forced to believe about themselves and spend time in the presence of the Ancients so they can help you and you elevate yourself to the spiritual being you truly are.
It’s YOU… your extension of yourself, your godhood-
Rituals are only methods:)
The bending of this fabric is all YOU:)

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By realizing you are no more powerful than your kin or your brethren.
“It’s not the ritual, it’s you” is referring to the fact that you may not have been in the right mind state to perform said rituals. Not every ritual requires a lust for power or a lust for equal consciousness.

In order to accomplish results from rituals you must realize that you are not all powerful and true miracles take time. While one ritual may not appear to work, your sub-conscious may be working it into your reality and just taking it’s time because you may not be fully ready to change.

Even still though… why would you want to become powerful and not just wiser? Wise and elder men are much more powerful than strong and lusting men. [Men of course being subjective since women can do the same.]

You want to achieve greatness through rituals? Do the same ritual 10,000 times until you’ve mastered said ritual. Do the same meditative trance 10,000 times until you can enter it within seconds.

Bruce Lee said it best :
“I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once but the man who has practiced 1 kick 10,000 times.”


Rikki, you are the magic. You are the fine balance of all the elements.
You have within you the flame of passion, the air of intelligence, the earthen body, the ability to calm arguments (water), etc etc etc.

As far as spirits are concerned, your body and life are the holy grail of all creation.

Billions of years and trillions of atomic interactions later, all for you to BE.

Magic works when you realize how important you are to the equation.

That can only happen through practice, meditation, introspection, pathworking and study.

You being on this forum is a good sign!


Kindred thoughts:)


Keep practicing and figure out what works. What do all of the rituals you ever perform have in common? You. Figure out what resonates with you and study, study, study. And once you’ve studied you need to practice, practice, practice. There’s a reason that not everyone in a tribal precolonial society could be a Shaman. It’s about dedication, and above all, curiousity.


Magic is a skill you learn over time.